Product Development Department to carry out hazardous chemicals related knowledge training

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In order to enhance the safety awareness of employees and enrich the safety production month activities,6Month10On the morning of the 8th, the product development department of the pharmaceutical company invited the head of the safety and environment department of the peak pharmaceutical factory to give all employees special training on laboratory safety knowledge and the management and use of hazardous chemicals.

The content of this training involves the operation specifications and hidden dangers of the research and development experiment process, the classification, characteristics and management of hazardous chemicals for research and development. At the training site, the training teachers vividly and appropriately publicized the knowledge of laboratory safety standards and the matters needing attention in the use and management process of hazardous chemicals to the trainees through a large number of examples.

After the training, the participants actively thought and summarized, and through a short seminar, deepened the learning of the training knowledge and strengthened the training effect.