Medical representatives are no longer allowed to sell drugs in the industry: many people have "left the nest"

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Look at the face to see the failure of public relations methods, the country's 3 million medical representatives must "change", the new regulations require not to undertake drug sales, which means that the compliance of medical representatives is facing a severe test. "This policy is good!" The director of a Junior College in Guangzhou told our reporter that in the process of pushing up drug prices, medical representatives can be described as important "handers" and "leading" the main link.

The General Office of the State Council recently issued the "Several Opinions on Further Reforming and Improving Drug Production, Circulation and Use Policies", which clearly stated that medical representatives can only engage in academic promotion, technical consultation and other activities, and shall not undertake drug sales tasks.

Our reporter learned that in recent years, under the situation of high professional risk, bad reputation, and difficulty in making money, many medical representatives have "left the nest" and chose to bid farewell to the pharmaceutical industry completely. (Text/Guangzhou Daily reporter Tu Duanyu)

Not long ago, CCTV broadcast the investigation report of "high drug prices under high kickbacks", which caused an uproar. The report broadcast the picture of some medical representatives sending kickbacks to doctors with "envelopes. According to the report, the investigation found that the commission received by the medical representative was 10% of the drug price, while the rebate received by the doctor was 30% ~ 40% of the drug price. Since then, some places have successively introduced relevant measures. Some provincial health and Family Planning Commission has once again explicitly required that sales personnel are not allowed to enter the diagnosis and treatment area to engage in commodity promotion activities such as drugs and equipment, and medical personnel are not allowed to receive sales personnel in the diagnosis and treatment area.

Drug circulation links and other factors to raise drug prices

The latest opinions pointed out that there are many links in the circulation of drugs in my country, the circulation order is chaotic, and the repeated prohibitions of affiliated operations, ticket money laundering, and commercial bribery have pushed up drug prices, corroded the team of doctors, and induced large prescriptions and prescriptions of expensive drugs. appear. The opinion clearly stated that the Food and Drug Administration should strengthen the management of medical representatives, establish a registration and filing system for medical representatives, and disclose the filing information in a timely manner. Medical representatives can only engage in academic promotion, technical consultation and other activities, and shall not undertake the task of drug sales, and their dishonest behavior shall be recorded in the personal credit record.

In fact, the "Code of Conduct for Medical Representatives" has been published before, clarifying that the basic function of medical representatives is to "scientifically recommend drugs to doctors and medical institutions, correctly promote the safety and effectiveness of drugs, and assist medical institutions in the rational use of drugs; Collect the adverse reactions of the recommended drugs, timely feedback to the manufacturers, propose effective measures and disposal methods, carefully understand clinical needs, and provide scientific pharmaceutical services". The guidelines state that the income of a medical representative must not be linked to the amount of prescriptions prescribed by a doctor.

Industry disclosure:

Many medical representatives have no relevant academic background and no professional training.

It is understood that at present, the purchase and sale of drugs in developed countries is composed of three links: market, sales, and distribution. Pharmaceutical representatives belong to the market link, and their main task is to provide professional drug promotion for doctors. Industry insiders believe that with the deepening of the new medical reform and the gradual standardization of the market in the future, the medical representative profession is also expected to gradually comply with the regulations and get rid of the bad reputation.

A Junior College doctor told our reporter: "the reality is that many medical representatives are sales personnel recruited by the society. They do not have relevant academic background and have not experienced strict professional training. They are purely selling drugs by using the so-called 'hidden rules' of the industry." He said that this is a kind of industry deformity. Without the premise of "access system", anyone can do this business, and he has also put together "face-to-face" and "public relations means".

"The burden of pharmaceutical representatives to undertake the task of drug sales will make everything look at money, and drugs will become tools for profit, rather than commodities for curing diseases and saving lives." It believes that the opinion is tantamount to pinching the neck of the industry, which can effectively eliminate the industry atmosphere and is conducive to fair competition in the pharmaceutical market.

"The medical representative is a huge team, and it is estimated that many people will change their business." An industry observer told our reporter that, in fact, many senior medical representatives have long seen the trend of new medical reform and have chosen to leave completely and move to other fields. "Some are suffering profits because of the drug price squeeze, some are afraid of commercial bribery involving themselves, and some are tired of such an environment. In short, the stability of the pharmaceutical representative industry has been challenged as never before in the past few years."

It is understood that on the one hand, some medical representatives controlled the upstream production enterprises and demanded that the production enterprises issue tickets at high prices; on the other hand, they tried to control the prescription rights of doctors.

Industry trends:

The "two-vote system" for drug purchase and sale is expected to be implemented nationwide next year.

In addition, the opinion also proposed the implementation of drug purchase and sale of "two vote system". Comprehensive medical reform pilot provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and public hospital reform pilot cities should take the lead in implementing the "two-invoice system", encourage other regions to implement the "two-invoice system", and strive to launch it nationwide by 2018.

It is clear that drug circulation enterprises and medical institutions should establish complete information on the purchase and sale of drugs, so that bills, accounts, goods and payment for goods are consistent, and the goods and drugs should be accompanied by the same list. Enterprises shall issue invoices and sales vouchers for the sale of drugs in accordance with the regulations. Actively promote the standardization and electronic management of drug purchase and sale bills.

Liang Wannian, full-time deputy director of the Medical Reform Office of the State Council and director of the Department of Physical Reform of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, once said that in the past, there were multiple votes and multiple links for drugs from manufacturers to medical institutions. Some had four votes, five votes, or even more, and they were increased layer by layer., Raise the price of drugs. The price of drugs is rising and sold to medical institutions. On the one hand, the people have to pay more, and on the other hand, the medical insurance fund has to pay more.