Health care products market chaos: sales routines deep exaggeration obvious

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Editor's Note In recent years, my country's health care product market has made great progress. However, behind the hot market, a large number of health care products rely on hype concepts and exaggerated publicity to occupy the market. How to regulate and effectively regulate the health care products market and ensure the safety of people's lives has become an urgent livelihood problem to be solved. Many readers wrote that we should improve the regulatory system, innovate management methods, and effectively improve the level of food and drug supervision and management.

Health care products sales routine deep

A few years ago, my first job in society was as a salesman in a health care product company in Zhejiang Province. Although I have only been working for two months, in retrospect, I still feel that the sales routine of health care products is too deep.

At the beginning of work, the marketing manager trained us special sales "skills" specifically for the elderly: for example, through lectures with prizes, free travel, drug recycling, free physical examination, home visits and gifts and other activities, to establish contact with the elderly consumers. After the connection is established, we can take advantage of the old people's loneliness or desire for medical treatment and health care, first exchange care for the trust of the other party, and then inform the old people that there are "problems" in physical examination. At this time, we can vigorously publicize the company's products, such as the effects of health quilts, cotton pads and health pillows, and tell the old people that these bedding can produce special far infrared energy fields, can effectively control or cure hypertension, diabetes, neurasthenia, insomnia and other diseases. In addition, the company also has an ion water machine, which produces alkaline ion water by electrolyzing tap water, which can also cure many diseases, such as patients with essential hypertension, without drug treatment, and blood pressure can be controlled by drinking a large amount of alkaline ion water alone. When colleagues continue to instill these principles into the elderly, they gradually feel that there is some truth, so they muddleheaded to buy tens of thousands of yuan of health bedding and 5000 or 6000 yuan of ion water machine.

To clean up the chaos of health products, the first thing is of course to strengthen industry supervision, strictly enforce the production process of health products, resolutely crack down on the addition of prohibited ingredients, strictly label products, and strengthen the standardization of their publicity. In addition, it is necessary to popularize health knowledge to the public, especially the elderly, and enhance the ability of elderly consumers to distinguish right from wrong. At the same time, it is necessary to open up information channels for correction in the media, streets, community activity centers, etc., and authoritative experts from authoritative departments should speak out in time.

In addition, some elderly customers said frankly that the reason why they buy these health care products is the service, and the health care product salesmen can often come to chat with them, which some biological children can't do. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the spiritual care for the elderly, so that illegal salesmen have no chance to take advantage of it. (Yang Diploma, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province)

Winning with quality is the right way

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health. Health care products have gradually formed a huge industry in our country, but the broad market prospects and attractive profit margins also provide a "hotbed" for criminals ".

At present, many domestic health care products manufacturers have spent their minds on marketing, keen to hype various high-tech concepts, and do their best to publicize and advocate capable things. As a result, which health care products do the most advertising, sell the most in the market, which leads to the health care products market "do not rely on quality and rely on flicker" has become a common phenomenon. A large number of health care products rely on hype concept, exaggerated publicity and other occupation of the market, the cost and research and development costs are only a small proportion.

The reason for this phenomenon is that, on the one hand, the information asymmetry of consumers, health products have a certain degree of professionalism, consumers can not judge the quality and function of health products from the appearance, taste, etc., usually can only be selected according to advertisements, so it is easy to be led by the manufacturers' hype; on the other hand, the relevant departments are not strict in checking and auditing, and are not effective in punishing false advertisements. Failed to really play the role of a "firewall.

Health products "do not rely on quality and rely on deception", which is easy to form the effect of "bad money driving out good money", which is not conducive to the long-term and healthy development of the whole industry. According to national regulations, the scientific research funding of health food should account for 3% to 5% of its profits, but many health food companies invest less than 1% of their profits in scientific research. When consumers can be deceived into making huge profits by "bluffing", those enterprises that operate in a standardized way either cannot survive or choose to join in the fry marketing war together.

Strengthening the management of the health food marketing market is related to the safety of the people's lives and interests. It is necessary to improve laws and regulations, formulate and promulgate health food supervision and management measures and regulations as soon as possible, clarify the health food management department and its responsibilities, and establish and improve "who supervises, who The relevant regulations and systems of" punishment and responsibility "provide legal basis and system guarantee for strengthening the production, operation and supervision of health food. At the same time, we should conscientiously do a good job in the examination and supervision of advertisements for health products, put an end to false advertisements misleading the public from the source, severely punish illegal advertisements in accordance with the law, increase illegal costs, and guide enterprises to return to the right way of winning by quality. (Pan Duoyin, Audit Bureau of Qingdao City, Shandong Province)

Strike hard on the boastful wind of health products

At present, on the one hand, the health care product market continues to flourish, on the other hand, it also presents a chaotic situation. In a nutshell, there are mainly the following characteristics: first, the number of enterprises is large and the scale of production is small; second, the products are repeated and the scientific and technological content is low; third, fake and shoddy health products are looming, false advertisements are bombarded indiscriminately, and consumers follow the trend; fourth, the regulatory laws and regulations are not perfect and the management mode is still immature.

In order to make health care products truly become the escort of consumers' health, it is necessary for the management department to strike hard and crack down on the exaggeration of the efficacy of health care products, and it is also necessary to standardize the marketing channels so that products that are inconsistent with the actual publicity cannot enter the circulation field.

First, improve the laws and regulations. The construction of perfect administrative laws and regulations is the system guarantee to strengthen the supervision of health care products. The promulgation of the "Health Food Supervision and Administration Regulations" has solved the phenomenon that the supervision of health products in my country is almost impossible to rely on to a certain extent, but it still cannot meet the regulatory needs, and there is an urgent need to improve supporting laws as soon as possible.

Secondly, clarify the responsibilities of the administrative subject. In the past, China's supervision of health products was relatively concentrated in the approval process. Under the temptation of huge interests, the phenomenon of adulteration of raw materials and false propaganda has been repeatedly prohibited. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of health food raw materials; standardize the filing of health food enterprise standards; strengthen the supervision of health food circulation; establish a supervision, notification and investigation system to improve comprehensive supervision capabilities. At the same time, accelerate the formation of a system that is compatible with the regulatory system. Organize and carry out the formulation of health food raw material standards, determine the raw material standards according to the needs of registration work, ensure the stable and controllable product quality by improving the registration standards of health food products, strengthen the construction of testing system, improve the inspection and testing means of adding chemicals to health food, and strengthen the construction of health food quality testing institutions.

Third, increase administrative law enforcement. It is necessary to strengthen the crackdown on illegal mobile vendors of health food, and severely crack down on those behaviors that deceive consumers by pretending to be drugs for publicity, gift, and sales, so as to maintain the stable and healthy development of the market. (Zhang Jun, Heping Road, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province)

Reader's point of view

Inadequate administrative supervision is the main reason for the chaos in the health care product market. The supervision of health products has always focused on approval and light supervision. There is no complete system for the entire link from the selection of raw materials to the production of health products to circulation and sales. In addition, the low cost of illegal, making a large number of illegal dealers desperate.

-- Tongjijun, Yongding District, Longyan City, Fujian Province

In the critical period of the reform of the food and drug regulatory system, it is necessary to change management concepts, improve the regulatory system, innovate management methods, effectively improve the level of food and drug supervision and management, protect the vital interests of the people, and attack criminals.

-- Jiangxi Hengfeng County Party Committee Liu Xiangdong

The state stipulates that the labels, instructions and advertisements of health food shall not involve "disease prevention and treatment functions". At the same time, it is stipulated that health food advertisements should state that "this product cannot replace drugs". These regulations clarify the disease prevention and treatment functions of health food and drugs. The obvious difference. In addition, the approval number of health food is preceded by the word "national food health", while the approval number of drugs is preceded by the word "national medicine standard". In the advertisements of health products that we usually see, those that contain the promotion of "disease prevention and treatment functions" are mostly false propaganda. The masses must keep their eyes open and guard against being fooled.

-- Wen Guanghui, Longtan Institute of Industry and Commerce, Fuling District, Chongqing

The choice of health care products should be scientific and have the ability to identify them. Speak science, refers to usually read more books about health care products, improve and enhance the understanding of health care products. Having the ability to distinguish means not to covet "petty profits", let alone be tempted by the so-called free. For health products spread on the Internet, there must be a sense of checking and trueness.

-Shen Hongsheng, New Village, Machinery Factory, Tongling City, Anhui Province

For a long time, due to the overlapping powers of the Health Bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the Food and Drug Administration, they have acted independently, which objectively hinders the supervision of health products. Now the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Health Food" clarify that the food and drug supervision and administration department is the administrative subject of the supervision of health products. All localities should complete the handover of supervision functions as soon as possible and improve and strengthen the supervision team.

-Wei Wenxiang, General Party Branch of Xiaojia Village, South Street, Shuangta District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province