Guangyao, China Resources, Tongrentang ...... These big pharmaceutical companies are developing a market

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With the fierce competition in the urban pharmaceutical retail industry, the continuous deepening of the new medical reform and the development opportunities brought by mobile Internet technology, county pharmaceutical retail terminals are becoming a new growth pole to promote the development of the industry.
Liao Xinbo, inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, pointed out that the introduction of "two guarantees in one" and the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment have really sunk medical care, which is a great opportunity and challenge for both circulation and retail in the county market. At the same time, a large number of brand enterprises that were originally in the OTC market of large and medium-sized cities, such as Beijing Tongrentang, China Resources Sanjiu, Wuhan Jianmin, Ma Yinglong, Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Baiyunshan General Factory, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, and so on, have also increased investment and gradually sunk into the third-and fourth-tier cities and county markets.
Multi-measures, joint efforts to activate the county market.
It is worth noting that at the beginning of this year, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Integrating the Basic Medical Insurance System for Urban and Rural Residents", which is the "two insurances in one" policy interpreted by the public; in April, at the State Council executive meeting "Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System" Key Tasks in 2016 "proposed to adopt various forms to promote the separation of medicines and prohibit hospitals from restricting the outflow of prescriptions, patients can choose to purchase drugs at the outpatient pharmacy of the hospital or at a retail pharmacy by prescription. Insiders believe that retail pharmacies will be the biggest beneficiaries of prescription outflow.
In this regard, Gu Xuefei, deputy director of the Medical Security System Research Office of the Research Center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, said: For retail pharmacies, opportunities and challenges coexist. From international experience, most countries and regions have a system of compulsory first diagnosis. According to our own situation, a better breakthrough point is to start with chronic diseases. For example, in December last year, the Health and Family Planning Commission issued a graded diagnosis and treatment plan for diabetes and hypertension. Gu Xuefei said, "I think the impact on the county market is not only" two insurance in one ", but also combined with" graded diagnosis and treatment ".
Liao Xinbo, inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, also said that the "two guarantees in one" and graded diagnosis and treatment can be implemented in place and truly sink medical care. Undoubtedly, it is a great challenge and opportunity for county circulation or retail. "Under the current circumstances, we must first open up the administration, so that the grassroots (medical) can have the opportunity to improve their own service platform, and have the opportunity to attract capable doctors to go down and achieve medical sinking. Such hierarchical diagnosis and treatment is for county-level drug retailers. In terms of sales, it is undoubtedly a great business opportunity."
I believe that in the future, the government's investment in county-level hospitals will increase. Large hospitals will return to focus on difficult and complicated diseases, while chronic diseases will go down to the grassroots. The disease accounts for 80% of chronic diseases, even if 40% go down to the county level, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity. Liao Xinbo also said that the compression of drug space and the rapid development of the Internet are a great challenge to the county drug retail industry. The Internet provides great convenience for the supply of drugs, and it is a good catalyst to promote two-way referral and graded diagnosis and treatment.
The county terminal is not what it used to be.
Due to the change of market environment, brand pharmaceutical enterprises to strengthen the deep cultivation of drugstore terminal, and the county market is precisely the focus of pharmaceutical enterprises to open up.
Zhang Qinghai, chairman of Shandong Zouping County Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that according to chain purchasing personnel, the number of active door-to-door visits by marketing personnel of industrial enterprises has gradually increased in recent years. "There are more sinking industrial enterprises now. For example, there are brand enterprises such as Fupai Ejiao, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang Yiling, Yunnan Baiyao, Guangzhou Baiyunshan, Tianshili, Henan Wanxi and other brand enterprises cooperating with us."
Zhang Qinghai revealed that the proportion of their direct cooperation with upstream manufacturers is on the rise because they can get more supporting resources. "They provide a lot of terminal support, such as training, display planning, promotional activities and other aspects of resources and support. Manufacturers who can provide services for the chain generally cooperate more smoothly, product sales growth is more obvious."
The Chongqing Juqi Pharmacy Chain, which started in the southwest county market, has 66 direct stores in Kaixian and Wanzhou districts, with annual sales of more than 0.2 billion yuan in the county market. According to Luo xingyin, deputy general manager of Chongqing juqi pharmacy chain co., ltd, in recent years they have directly cooperated with brand enterprises such as tai chi, Kunming traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang four medicines, dong 'e jiao and huiren to introduce first-line brand products and achieved good results in the county market. for example, huiren shenbaonian sells more than 130 million yuan, compound banlangen sells more than 1 million yuan and huoxiang zhengqi oral liquid sells nearly 2 million yuan. In the future, they plan to leverage the preferential policies of industrial enterprises to drive further growth in single product sales.
Brand pharmaceutical enterprises gradually sink the county market
Since 2012, the channel sinking of foreign pharmaceutical companies has attracted the attention of the industry.
Foreign-funded enterprises have gradually ended their super-national treatment in China, and they have to face the market conditions of China's national conditions in the competition, especially when they begin to sink into the county market that they have rarely set foot in before, they will inevitably face greater challenges. But even so, the situation is pressing, Sanofi, Pfizer and other foreign pharmaceutical companies resolutely set up a county medical market team. Take Pfizer as an example, its health drugs department is at the forefront of the development and sinking of the OTC market.
Under the pressure of the development situation, a large number of local enterprises, such as China Resources Sanjiu, China Resources Zizhu, Wuhan Jianmin, Ma Yinglong, Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Lingrui Pharmaceutical, Baiyunshan General Factory, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical and so on, have begun to step up the pace of "going to the countryside". These brand enterprises, which were originally in the OTC market of large and medium-sized cities, have also increased their investment, gradually sinking into the third and fourth-tier cities and county markets.
Wang Wenchu, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., said that enterprises attach great importance to the county market and are increasing the market sinking. Taking Ruirentang Medicine, a chain drugstore in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, as an example, the total sales volume of our cooperation in 2011 was only 182900 yuan, with a gross profit of 36600 yuan. By 2012, the sales volume of Baiyunshan pharmaceutical products in the chain drugstore had reached 1.6 million yuan, and the gross profit had risen to 960000 yuan. Last year, sales reached 3.7312 million yuan.
Of course, the trend of brand industrial enterprises sinking the county also brings an important problem, that is, the transformation of the county zero supply model. In the past, due to the particularity and complexity of the county market, it was difficult for the sales teams of many industrial enterprises to take into account the county market when they concentrated their firepower on the urban market. Therefore, they adopted more regional agents or adopted flexible cooperation strategies in key counties. To strengthen the cooperation between industrial enterprises and county chain enterprises, many problems still need to be solved. Compared with the city chain, the county chain in the management level, product planning, operation system is not sound enough, need to be improved.