The company implemented the "safety production risk assessment management system" safety dual prevention mechanism knowledge competition held in June.

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 News from our newspaperIn order to strengthen the safety risk control in the process of enterprise operation, the group company recently issued the "safety production risk assessment management system (Trial)", requiring all subordinate enterprises to organize employees to carry out system learning and double prevention knowledge training, and carry out safety risk identification and control according to the system requirements.

    The implementation of risk assessment and hierarchical control work to build a dual prevention mechanism is the company's annual business work meeting put forward the 2019.Annual safety priorities. Since the establishment of the safety and environmental protection accident-free factory, the safety and environmental protection management of the company's subsidiaries has been improved. However, due to the differences in the specific conditions of each industry sector, the safety and environmental protection management requirements are different, and there are also safety risks to varying degrees. Enter2019Since the beginning of the year, several major safety accidents have occurred throughout the country, which has once again sounded the safety alarm for enterprises. To this end, the company through the development and implementation of the "safety production risk assessment management system", aimed at through the establishment and operation of the risk classification control system, to achieve.Pass forward, risk-oriented, source management, precise management, scientific prevention, continuous improvementThe safety concept, the implementation of risk management and control responsibility, continue to improve the level of enterprise safety production management, to create an accident-free factory.

    The content of Safety Production Risk Assessment Management System includes the scope of safety production risk assessment and control, system establishment, personnel responsibilities and management requirements. The establishment of the risk assessment system and the division of responsibilities, the basic procedures for hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk control, risk assessment methods, and the registration, control and rectification of hazard sources are all specified. The system is currently a trial version, and will be revised and improved according to the specific conditions in the implementation process.

    As required, hazard source identification and risk assessment are carried out twice a year, in principle, at 6month and12month. For the first risk identification and assessment after the implementation of the system, the company requires all subordinate units6Complete before the end of the month, summarize the list of risk points, set up risk point notification cards, and implement hierarchical control measures.

    Another NewsIn order to promote the effective development of safety risk management and control, improve the risk identification and control ability of safety supervisors, and reduce the incidence of safety accidents, the company will6Held in the monthsafety double prevention mechanismThemed safety knowledge contest. The competition is in the form of a unit. Daye Peak, Yunnan Peak, Health Science and Technology, International Trade and Cable Companies form a team. Pharmaceutical Company Pharmaceutical Factory and Shanghai Beika form a separate team. Pharmaceutical Company Development Department, Pharmaceutical Company and Pharmacy form a joint team. Each team consists of three members, one unit safety supervisor (full-time safety officer), two workshop (large team) supervisors, and the joint team consists of safety supervisors of each unit. The content of the competition includes the knowledge of the dual prevention mechanism of safety risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management, and the company's "Safety Production Risk Assessment Management System", which is conducted in a closed-book written written examination. Relevant learning materials have been distributed to all units.