Jingdong layout prescription drug online sales ban or take time

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A few days ago, Xinhua Pharmaceutical announced that the industry's vision of the online sale of prescription drugs was rekindled.
According to the announcement, Zibo Xinhua Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhua Pharmacy"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinhua Pharmaceuticals, has cooperated with Zibo Health and Family Planning Commission and Jingdong Shanyuan (Qingdao) E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingdong Shanyuan") on March 25. Jointly signed the "Healthy City" Strategic Cooperation Agreement, established a tripartite strategic partnership, and landed in Zibo medical prescription circulation information platform and prescription drug e-commerce projects.
However, some people in the industry said in an interview with Nandu reporters that the premise of online sale of prescription drugs is the outflow of prescriptions, but at present, even the outflow of prescriptions in pilot areas has many preconditions, and it still needs to be observed whether the ban can be imposed.
Jingdong to find reliable "foreign aid"
This time, the public pilot hospitals in Zibo City are encouraged to sign a prescription circulation platform docking management agreement with Jingdong Shanyuan and Xinhua Pharmacy, which shows that the pilot public hospitals will transfer prescriptions to the prescription circulation information platform, allowing users to use the electronic prescription platform to purchase drugs from the pharmacies of Xinhua Pharmacy in a convenient way.
In the eyes of the outside world, the signing of this agreement marks the official launch of the country's first government-led "prescription out-of-hospital circulation" project targeting the city's public hospitals, and the country's first government-approved "prescription drug e-commerce" project.
In addition, because the announcement also stated that this project will explore practical and effective innovative ways in the fields of "chronic disease long prescription", "medical insurance payment", "telemedicine", "network hospital", etc., for the national medical and health system Reform provides practical experience that can be replicated and promoted. This has given new hope to the industry that has previously called for the sale of prescription drugs online.
Public information shows that in terms of health, Internet giants have been eyeing up, seeking full access. Ali Health, Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong are all testing water frequently in the medical field. One of the core initiatives of several Internet giants to test the waters is to build an online medical platform and pharmaceutical e-commerce platform ecosystem to build its pharmaceutical industry map. However, the outflow of hospital prescriptions is always a difficult hurdle to cross.
Prescription drug online sales ban or take time
The person in charge of a pharmaceutical international exchange association in Beijing said in an interview with a reporter from Nandu yesterday that the national level has actually made it clear that it will explore the sale of prescription drugs on the Internet. In this context, not only Zibo, but also in Beijing and Zhejiang, similar pilot projects have been gradually launched.
Taking Zhejiang as an example, in December 2015, Wuzhen Hospital announced that it had issued the first online prescription for an Internet hospital in China. Since then, the country's first electronic prescription for a tertiary hospital has also been issued in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine.
In addition, before cooperating with Zibo City and Xinhua Pharmaceuticals, Jingdong had already married Shanghai Pharmaceuticals to reach an exclusive cooperation in e-commerce sales of prescription drugs and launched the B 2B pharmaceutical business. Jingdong home also combined with many pharmacies, to create a drug delivery O2O platform.
However, some analysts say that it may take some time for the online sale of prescription drugs to be banned. Zheng Haotao, chairman of Jinkang Pharmacy, said in an interview with Nandu reporters that there are still some preconditions for the spread of prescription drugs in hospitals, that is, there must be cooperative hospitals, and only in a certain area can prescriptions be led out of the hospital, and customers can take prescriptions to decide on their own purchase matters. Because judging from the situation of some local pilot projects, only this way can be regarded as compliance.