Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory Sends Staff to Participate in Process Training

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News from our newspaper  4Month26day,27Day, peak pharmaceutical factory sent verification.QAAnd the relevant personnel of the workshop water station participated in the "Process Water System,HVAC, compressed air system risk control and validation and process validation, technology transfer "training, learn to understand the relevant knowledge.

Pharmaceutical water and air conditioning systems are important facilities for the day-to-day operations of pharmaceutical companies, as well as GMP, the major regulatory agencies.On-site verification is an important concern, so it is very important for the operation and maintenance of the system and the management personnel to understand the design, construction, installation, verification and daily operation of the system.

This training was conducted by teachers Ke Zhengxian and Jia Xiaoyan of Aoxing. They respectively gave lectures on risk control measures and confirmation of process water system, verification and daily maintenance of clean compressed air system, HVACSystem risk control and validation, technology transfer project planning, risk assessment and execution activities, process validation design based on life cycle approach, risk assessment, management and execution are explained. The training also adopts the form of group discussion, and the trainees interact with the teachers in the classroom, which improves the training effect.

Through the training, the trainees of the peak pharmaceutical factory learned about the latest regulations and guidelines for process water systems, HVACThe latest requirements of the system, clean compressed air system verification and operation maintenance knowledge, improve the technical level of operation maintenance and verification of public systems.