Drug market reshuffle intensifies the development of traditional Chinese medicine into a high-speed period

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For the pharmaceutical market, 2015 is not a quiet year. Affected by the slowdown in economic growth, the strengthening of flight inspections, the restriction of fee control tenders and the pressure of market competition, the growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry this year is 11.8 percent, and the downward trend is slowing down. Although the drug market is more severe, with the impact of some measures and positive effects this year, it is expected that the drug market will present a different new situation next year. □ Information Times reporter Beibei
Prejudgment 1: The generic drug market will be shuffled.
Generic drugs may start a reshuffle next year. From July to the end of November this year, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as CFDA) has successively evaluated the quality and consistency of generic drugs ". Among them, it is required that oral solid preparations of generic chemical drugs approved before October 1, 2007 should complete the consistency evaluation before the end of 2018. Those who fail to pass the certification at that time will cancel the drug approval number.
The data shows that there are 121000 chemical drug approval numbers in my country's pharmaceutical companies, most of which are generic drugs. Although the entire generic drug market is "massive", there is a phenomenon of serious product homogeneity and generally low quality. Industry insiders analyze that after the policy is tightened, listed companies may take the opportunity of consistency evaluation to compete for the market, while the quality of generic drugs will improve, inferior products may face delisting, and drug prices may also rise slightly.
Prejudgment two: Chinese medicine ushered in rapid development.
Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of artemisinin, and the Chinese Medicine Law is about to become a reality from the draft ...... In the second half of this year, there was an endless stream of good news surrounding Chinese medicine, which also pointed out for the future development of Chinese medicine, and only modernization is the future way out.
It is understood that under the influence of the good, some pharmaceutical companies began to modernize the Chinese medicine industry: such as Guangyao Baiyunshan through the establishment of the Chinese medicine development fund, co-organized modern Chinese medicine research institute; to Ling Pharmaceutical's anti-influenza Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen capsule in the United States for the second phase of clinical research; Shenwei Pharmaceutical Group initiated the Seluotong capsule Sanqi trial officially launched ...... Next year, China's Chinese medicine industry will usher in a new period of rapid development.
Prejudgment three: GMP deadline to accelerate mergers and acquisitions.
For some pharmaceutical companies, the first problem to be solved is the new version of GMP certification. It is understood that the new version of the drug GMP certification ushered in the "bottom line" on December 31 this year. According to the requirements of the CFDA, companies that have not passed the new version of the drug GMP requirements will not be allowed to produce drugs after the prescribed time limit. In other words, within this day, If a pharmaceutical company fails to pass the new version of GMP certification, it means being eliminated from the market.
According to analysis by industry insiders, some companies that have not passed the new version of GMP certification are about to stop production, but other small pharmaceutical companies that are small in scale but have good products, or even exclusive varieties, may be subject to mergers and acquisitions by large companies, such as Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Pharmaceuticals, etc. have completed the acquisition of many small pharmaceutical companies. Experts analyzed that after the GMP deadline, mergers and acquisitions will become more common in the market next year.
Pre-judgment four: online sales of prescription drugs or open the gate.
With the Wuzhen Internet Hospital issued the first Internet online prescription, the issue of "online prescription drugs" has once again attracted attention. According to industry analysts, the issuance of electronic prescriptions in Internet hospitals not only "injects a boost" for the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce, but also promotes the "lifting of the ban on online prescription drugs. In fact, after the news of the lifting of the ban on online prescription drugs was released in the same period last year, the policy has always been "only hearing thunder but not rain", and the relevant departments are also "ambiguous"; some analysts believe that with the smooth pilot of Internet hospitals and the increase in prescription orders, the online prescription drug policy may be expected to be liberalized by the end of next year.