The State Council is urging the integration of medical care and old-age care to reach trillions of outlets.

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Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on November 11 and decided to promote the integration of medical and health care and elderly care services to better ensure that the elderly have medical care and support.
The meeting pointed out that promoting the combination of medical and health care and pension services is a beneficial measure to deepen medical reform, deal with aging, and enhance the well-being of hundreds of millions of families, and can also lead to a large number of employment. The meeting determined that one is to promote the integration of medical care docking. Medical institutions for the elderly institutions to open an appointment to see a doctor green channel, pension institutions within the medical institutions can be used as a hospital rehabilitation care places. Support old-age care institutions in accordance with the provisions of the establishment of geriatric diseases, rehabilitation, Chinese medicine hospitals and hospice care institutions. Promote the integration of primary medical institutions with communities and home care for the elderly, and provide contracted medical services for elderly families. The second is to encourage social forces to set up medical and nursing institutions, and support areas with rich medical resources to convert public hospitals into rehabilitation and elderly care institutions. Third, strengthen investment and financing, land use and other support, expand the government to purchase basic health care services, innovative long-term care insurance and other products. The meeting decided to select at least one area in each province of the country to carry out a pilot demonstration of the combination of medical care.
It is worth mentioning that the communique of the Fifth Plenary session of the CPC Central Committee recently issued clearly pointed out that "promoting the construction of a healthy China" will be carried out during the 13th five-year Plan period ". Industry insiders pointed out that "Healthy China" will be an overall, comprehensive, and strategic medium and long-term plan. It is also the overall plan for the development of health and family planning during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. It is expected to comprehensively promote the reform of the medical and health system and promote The entire medical and health industry and the large health industry will enter a period of vigorous development. Some organizations predict that the Healthy China Construction Plan (2016-2020) will be officially released in early 2016. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the industrial market scale around healthy China is as high as 10 trillion yuan. As an important part of healthy China, the elderly care industry is worth looking forward.
Guotai Jun's latest research report pointed out that China's demographic dividend has disappeared, and the trend of population aging is irreversible. It is expected that China's aging population will reach 0.25 billion by 2020, and the demand market for the elderly care industry will reach 5 trillion billion yuan. The decrease of fertility rate has promoted the change of the concept of "raising children to prevent old age", and the mode of institutional pension has begun to rise. At present, the pension pattern of "9073" in China has been basically clear. In recent years, national and local policies on the development planning of the pension industry have been issued frequently, especially the strong support for some key pension sub-industries, and the major listed companies and private capital have begun to vigorously lay out the pension industry. the pension industry is about to usher in explosive growth opportunities.
According to the analysis, according to the national standards, China has entered an aging society, but at present, China's pension industry is still in its infancy, and there is a huge space for future development, which is a good time for investment. The state has issued policy guidelines and high-level officials pay close attention to the development of the elderly care service industry, which is conducive to alleviating the dual pressure of development and people's livelihood faced by aging China, and greatly promotes the development of the elderly care industry. At present, the supply of the elderly consumer industry is insufficient. With the strong support of national policies and the rapid growth of the elderly population, related companies such as elderly care services related to the industrial chain will usher in rapid development opportunities. In the context of the country's vigorous development of people's livelihood, related stocks are worthy of attention.
Xinlong Industrial is a small company standing in the big wind of sports and rehabilitation, sports fitness, rehabilitation equipment is the company's two key strategic directions. At present, the company's rehabilitation equipment is mainly for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, bed frames and other products, has obtained market access documents, the future will be customized and O2O mode to launch a wheelchair suitable for the individual needs of consumers, to fill the gap in the domestic high-end market. In the field of rehabilitation equipment, the company currently cooperates with the top three companies in the world, Sunrise and Invacare. Among them, the company cooperates with Sunrise to successfully develop and complete wheelchair series products covering low, medium and high-level, such as Unix, Basix, Rubix and Relax, and cooperates with Invacare to successfully develop and complete the mass production of British high-level wheelchairs and T93/T94 leg support series, in the same industry has certain technical advantages and strong competitiveness.
Yuexin Health has formulated an outline of a strategic transformation and development plan, and has formulated a strategic plan for the transformation into a large health industry with the integration of medical and nursing care as the core through the integration of cross-strait medical and pension resources, mergers and acquisitions and strategic investment in high-quality equity. The company has about 590 mu of land resources in Shanghai, and will cooperate with the local government to build the "Yuexin Health City" project on its own land in Shanghai, integrating services such as pension, medical care, disease course management, finance and insurance, and assistive devices center, and becoming the flagship demonstration project of the company's big health industry platform. Recently, the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Medical College to jointly commit to the construction of pension and related medical undertakings. It will carry out the research and practice of pension nursing qualification training and the construction of certificate certification system, and cooperate to build rehabilitation college and nursing college.
Yuyue Medical is the largest professional manufacturer of rehabilitation care, medical oxygen supply and medical clinical series of medical devices in China, and a leading enterprise in China's household medical device industry. With more than 50 varieties of products, it is one of the most abundant products in the same industry in China. According to the company's official website, at present, the market share of the company's oxygen generator, atomizer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope and ultra-light micro-oxygen valve has reached the first place in China, among which the oxygen generator products have reached the first level of global sales. The market share of wheelchairs and electronic sphygmomanometers is the second in China. In addition, the company is also actively entering the Internet medical, to create a chronic disease management cloud health platform. The company's perfect product and industrial layout, is expected to fully benefit from the outbreak of the old-age medical market.