Kangyuan Pharmaceuticals: OTC thinking innovation of pharmaceutical companies

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I 've heard a lot of truth, but I still can't take the road of OTC marketing innovation?
Nowadays, pharmaceutical care has gradually developed from the traditional drug supply to the stage of taking patients as the center and improving the quality of life of patients. In this process, for pharmaceutical production and management enterprises, it must be a few happy and a few sad. Naturally, those who keep up with the pace of change can be developed, and most of those who cannot keep up can only be eliminated by the market.
Change is opportunity. At present, many chain drugstores choose to actively go out, change their minds, and jointly brand industrial enterprises to approach consumers. For example, holding healthy community entry, member discounts, promotional activities, etc., for chronic disease groups, they are no longer satisfied with the scarce resources such as "door special" and "door slow", and strive to attract more consumers to the store.
At the same time, industrial enterprises also actively cooperate with and meet the development needs of chain pharmacies. As a well-known brand drug supplier, Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperated with Jiangsu Baijiahui Suhe, Jiangsu Xiansheng in Kang, Suzhou Leiyunshang, Suzhou Li'an and other well-known chain drugstores to organize healthy community activities as early as 2010, providing more refined and systematic consumer-oriented services for chain drugstores in combination with the characteristics of its own products. For example, orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine is currently the main variety sold by Kangyuan Pharmaceutical OTC. Among them, compound Nanxing Zhitong ointment and Yaobitong capsule are all products with a prescription volume of over 100 million yuan in clinical practice. These products have a wide range of indications, exact efficacy, and have more orthopedic expert resources, which are very suitable for chain pharmacies to carry out chronic disease management activities. Orthopedic chronic disease member series activities are also an important part of Kangyuan chronic disease management. The purpose is to develop and cultivate loyal members for chain pharmacies, do brand promotion and image promotion, and establish differentiated service characteristics of chain pharmacies to enhance their competitiveness in the industry.
Kangyuan Model: OTC Marketing Innovation in Four Steps
The first step: system docking
Kangyuan maintains regular and smooth communication with chain drugstore executives, purchasing department, door management department, marketing department, commodity department and other functional departments. Once the two sides have new ideas, they can put them into action at the first time, and ensure that the problems that arise after the products are put on the market can be dealt with in a timely manner. Taking the cooperation with Baijiahui Suhe Chain Store as an example, under the guidance of the chairman of Baijiahui Suhe Xu Yuping's innovative concepts of industrial and commercial cooperation, such as taking Baijiahui Suhe as the "experimental field" for the listing of new brand industrial products, the "testing field" for creative marketing programs, and the "implementation place" for industrial and commercial cooperation, only in 2015, under the leadership of Li Yuming, General Manager of Kangyuan OTC, we held many business cooperation docking meetings with Chairman Xu Yuping of Baijiahui Su He, General Manager Cui Xufang and Su He's management team. We started the orthopedic chronic disease member management project and cooperated with Baijiahui Suhe to build the "Kangyuan traditional Chinese medicine bone health care center" to jointly serve orthopedic members. At the same time, a series of activities such as Baijiahui Suhe's "decisive battle at the top of Kangyuan" PK competition and Baijiahui Suhe's excellent employees entering Kangyuan's "romantic seaside in-person tour" were also carried out to make the two teams understand each other better and cooperate more closely.
Step 2: Deepen the service
The ultimate goal of industrial enterprises serving chain pharmacies is to serve consumers. Regular free clinics and patient education, intensive community services, attractive theme activities and promotional activities are all ways to deepen consumer services. Deepening consumer services can increase the popularity of pharmacies and consumer viscosity for chain pharmacies, and increase the visibility of products at the end for industrial enterprises. At present, the free trial paste and free gift distribution activities of compound Nanxing Zhitong Ointment have accumulated more than 400000 person-times.
Step 3: Build a platform
In 2015, Kangyuan and Jiangsu Baijiahui Suhe Chain jointly established the "Kangyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Health Center". The health center is not only equipped with professional testing equipment and professional service personnel, but also regularly invites well-known orthopedic experts to provide members with free professional services. The health care center has developed more than 100 stable members in just one month.
In addition, Kangyuan has also cooperated with Jiangsu Baijiahui Suhe Chain to carry out a special lecture on bone health, serving a total of more than 2000 members, demonstrating Kangyuan's strength in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and orthopedics in many aspects.
Step 4: Product Supply
In addition to OTC marketing at the terminal in combination with the characteristics of TCM orthopedic products, Kangyuan will add more product lines to the original TCM products in the next step. On the other hand, some large health varieties have also been launched, which will provide more large health professional services for chain pharmacies in the future.