Medical insurance fixed-point cancellation of approval, pharmacies private hospitals or welcome major benefits.

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On the 4th, signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council issued the "Decision on the First Batch of Cancellation of 62 Administrative Approval Items Designated by the Central Government." Among them, the canceled items include the cancellation of the qualification examination of designated retail pharmacies of basic medical insurance and the qualification examination of designated medical institutions of basic medical insurance.
This news out, causing great concern in the industry. According to industry analysis, there are two possibilities for the cancellation of the two administrative approvals. One is to close the door to the issuance of qualifications, but this is basically impossible. The other is to become an agreement cooperation, and the medical insurance center directly signs an agreement with medical institutions and pharmacies.
At present, the industry generally believes that the cancellation of medical insurance approval will help lower the barriers to entry, but at the same time it also improves the intensity of supervision, which is a major benefit for large private hospitals and pharmacy chains.
Another brokerage firm pointed out that there are generally two levels of medical insurance, obtaining a qualification certificate and the medical insurance center agreeing to network. There is no problem with the qualification of medical insurance. It depends on whether the medical insurance centers at all levels around the country unconditionally allow legally compliant pharmacies and hospital networks. This is a major benefit for large private hospitals and pharmacy chains. From the current industry situation analysis, the possibility of unconditional networking is not high, but it provides the possibility for a large number of private medical and pharmacy chains outside the medical insurance door.
Insiders of Aier Ophthalmology (300015.SZ), a leading private hospital company, told the Great Wisdom News Agency that at present, the policy still means streamlining administration and delegating power, not completely canceling it. In addition, the landing situation is worthy of attention. At present, most of the company's hospitals have entered the medical insurance.
Xie Zilong, chairman of the large pharmacy of the common people (603883.SH), said that in the future, the designated pharmacy of medical insurance will be changed from administrative examination and approval to agreement, and the industry concentration will be greatly improved. However, he also pointed out that canceling the designated examination and approval of medical insurance does not mean completely liberalizing medical insurance, and the specific landing also needs a process.
The relevant concept stocks involved in the above policies are: ordinary people, Yixintang (002727.SZ), Aier Ophthalmology, Guizhou Bailing (002424.SZ), Hengkang Medical (002219.SZ), Xinbang Pharmaceutical (002390.SZ), etc.