Pharmaceutical companies organize fire safety knowledge training

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 In order to carry outSafety first, prevention first, comprehensive managementThe safety work policy, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and further improve the fire safety knowledge of employees,4Month11On the 15th, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company organized volunteer firefighters, emergency rescue plan staff and some department and warehouse personnel to conduct a fire safety knowledge training.

This training specially invited Li Shuang instructor of Zhongan Fire Safety Education Center to give lectures. Through the recent "3.21"In the case analysis of particularly major explosion accidents, instructor Li Shuang said that enterprises should attach great importance to safety work and put safety work in the first place of enterprise management. Safety management is not only the responsibility of leaders and safety managers, but only the safety awareness of all employees in production can be enhanced and the safety management of enterprises can be guaranteed. In daily work, everyone should aim at eliminating fire hazards and improving fire prevention awareness, not making oral articles, but taking practical actions and measures to do a good job in fire safety.

Instructor Li Shuang also gave a detailed explanation on how to investigate fire hazards, how to put out the initial fire, how to evacuate and escape correctly, and how to use fire fighting equipment correctly. This fire safety knowledge training has further improved the staff's fire safety awareness.