It is estimated that the scale of China's health service industry will reach 8 trillion billion yuan in 2020.

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Su Gangqiang, director of the Planning and Finance Department of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out on the 19th that by 2020, the total scale of China's health service industry will reach 8 trillion yuan, while that of traditional Chinese medicine health service industry will reach 3 trillion yuan. The sub-health industry belongs to its industry and will attract a large amount of market capital.
Su Gangqiang said this at the 8th Neutralization and Sub-Health Forum held on the 19th. The forum with the theme of "New Operation Model of Sub-health Industry" aims to promote the establishment of a new operation model of TCM preventive health service system and the construction of sub-health standardization.
Professor Sun Tao of Zhonghe Sub-health Service Center pointed out at the forum that since the release of the State Council's No. 20 document "Several Opinions of the State Council on Supporting and Promoting the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 2009, favorable documents and policies have been continuously issued to develop the sub-health industry. The establishment of standards lays the foundation.
In the 2015 practice ceremony, the launch of the new profession "Chinese medicine sub-health physician" established the market position of professional practitioners in sub-health assessment, conditioning, consultation and management, and solved the health needs of the people from the source. The sub-health industry has been officially recognized by the state.
"In the future, there will be one more professional subject in colleges and universities." Sun Tao said. He pointed out that the introduction of new careers will bring changes to the talent training model. The training of sub-health professionals is about to change from the current scattered training to the professional and large-scale training of colleges and universities, which is expected to greatly improve the service level of sub-health professional conditioning institutions.
In addition, the awarding ceremony of sub-health service standardization pilot units of the National Standards Committee was held at the forum, marking the standardization of sub-health services, starting from industry standards to national standards.
While the industry continues to develop, the capital market is also targeting the sub-health industry. The Zhonghe Sub-Health Service Center announced at the meeting that it plans to establish the "China Sub-Health Industry Finance and Investment Platform" and the "Zhonghe Sub-Health Industry Incubation Fund", marking that the capital market has begun to pay attention to and favor the sub-health industry.
The forum also held the launching ceremony of the textbook "Basic Pediatrics of Sub-health Traditional Chinese Medicine" and awarded the license to the Beijing Zhonghe Sub-health Service Center and the provincial work promotion station for the public welfare activities of the health big data of one million people in one million cities.