The democratic life of pharmaceutical companies will focus on innovation and development.

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The pharmaceutical company held a democratic life meeting of the management team.

Before the democratic life meeting was held, the pharmaceutical company made serious preparations and held symposiums with representatives of functional departments and subordinate enterprises to collect opinions and suggestions on the pharmaceutical company and team members.Remaining article. Staff representatives put forward a lot of insights from production, operation, staff life, enterprise party building and other aspects, laying the foundation for a good democratic life meeting.

Members of the participating team revolved around"Strengthening the Armed Forces of Innovative Theory and Strengthening the TreeFour Consciousness, firmFour self-confidenceResolutely do it.Two maintenance, Have the courage to act, and resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee with a truth-seeking and pragmatic styleIn this theme, we insist on putting enterprises, responsibilities, and ourselves in. From the three aspects of ideology and politics, mental state, and work style, we seek truth from facts to investigate problems, trace the causes, and frankly and seriously carry out criticism., Put forward improvement measures closely to the problem, achieve the purpose of exchanging ideas, enhancing unity, and improving together, and held a high-quality and effective democratic life meeting. Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, took the lead, and each team member frankly pointed out the shortcomings of others, achieving the goal of helping each other and making common progress.

The meeting stressed that the convening of the democratic life meeting has laid a solid ideological foundation for strengthening the self-building of the leading group, uniting the joint efforts of the leading group as a whole, and doing a good job in carrying out all kinds of work in the future. In the next step, the pharmaceutical company will continue to earnestly study and understand Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and adhere to the"Four self-confidence, enhanceFour Consciousness, keep in mindTwo maintenance, Further strengthen ideals and beliefs, unify ideological understanding, formulate rectification implementation plans, focus on the outstanding problems found at the meeting, implement rectification responsibilities, comprehensively promote the implementation of problem rectification, and further improve innovative thinking, strengthen corporate research, and keep close contact with the masses, To ensure that democratic life will achieve tangible results, and promote the high-quality development of pharmaceutical companies.

Qin Xuping, member of the party committee of the group company and director of the party and mass work department, attended the meeting. He fully affirmed the democratic life of the management team of the pharmaceutical company, and hoped that the management team of the pharmaceutical company would pay more attention to learning and innovation, and further strengthen the party building work, so as to promote the work of production and operation to a new level.