Hundreds of pharmaceutical companies disappeared, and nearly 80% of them voluntarily withdrew from the GSP market.

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In 2015, with GSP certification, strict flight inspection and the promotion of national medical reform policy, pharmaceutical commercial companies are facing a very severe market environment in 2015. 2
In 015, there were 112 pharmaceutical commercial companies whose "Drug Business License" was canceled according to law.
We believe that these publicized and disclosed lists are only a small part of the withdrawal of pharmaceutical commercial companies from the pharmaceutical market. On the one hand, we tried our best to collect the list, which may not be complete. In addition, a large number of provinces have not been publicized.
From the point of view of the reasons for the write-off, there are three main types:
1. passively exit due to flight inspection and other reasons.
Among them, 19 pharmaceutical companies announced by Guangdong Province and 3 pharmaceutical companies in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, were all canceled their "Drug Business License" because of serious violations of the "Drug Business Quality Management Regulations";
2. to abandon the new GSP certification
There are 20 in Inner Mongolia and 18 in Jiangxi Province, which have not been renewed due to the expiration of the validity period of the drug trading license and have been canceled according to law. There are 38 in total.
3. voluntarily apply for cancellation
There are 34 in Hebei, 4 in Chongqing, 9 in Jiangxi and 1 in Hubei, totaling 48.
The four pharmaceutical commercial companies announced by the Chongqing Food and Drug Administration in 4. were "canceled in accordance with the provisions of Article 26 of the Measures for the Administration of Drug Business Licenses", and Article 26 stipulates that in any of the following circumstances, the Drug Business License "shall be canceled by the original issuing authority:
(I) the expiration of the Pharmaceutical Trade License without changing the license;
The (II) of a pharmaceutical trading enterprise terminates the trading of pharmaceuticals or is closed down;
(III) the Pharmaceutical Trading License is revoked, withdrawn, revoked, withdrawn, turned in for cancellation or declared invalid according to law;
(IV) force majeure makes it impossible to implement the licensing matters of the Pharmaceutical Trading License; (V) other circumstances in which the administrative license should be canceled as stipulated by laws and regulations.
Therefore, the specific reasons why these four pharmaceutical commercial companies were canceled GSP certificates are unknown.
In this way, 86 GSP companies did not register at the expiration of the period and voluntarily applied for cancellation. Excluding the four Chongqing companies with unknown reasons, according to this statistics, the proportion of voluntarily withdrawing from the GSP market is close to 80%. From the statistical data, due to the insufficient volume, 80% of the conclusions voluntarily launched are not rigorous enough. However, we believe that due to the increasingly harsh market environment, it should be a major trend for pharmaceutical commercial companies to voluntarily withdraw from the market.