Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Accepts Routine Inspection of Easy Explosive and Drama Drugs

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The security brigade of the Jiangnan branch of the Jinhua municipal public security bureau, in conjunction with tangxi police station, went to the Jinxi factory area of the peak pharmaceutical factory to conduct routine inspections of the peak pharmaceutical factory's explosive and dramatic drugs.

The inspectors checked the management ledger of the sharp drug, the registration of the sharp drug, the operation of the video monitoring system in the storage place, the configuration of safety facilities and the entry of the flow information system of the easy-to-make explosives, all of which met the requirements. The inspection team fully affirmed the management of easy-to-produce explosives and severe drugs in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, and hopes that the company will continue to strengthen the production and use safety of easy-to-produce explosives and severe drugs in its future work, and prevent easy-to-produce explosives and severe drugs. The occurrence of accidents has contributed to the public security work of the society.