Jingdong Medicine Will Top Ali with Ace

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According to information released by the State Food and Drug Administration, Jingdong has obtained the Internet Drug Trading Certificate A on December 23. The certificate number is national A20140006. This is the fifth A certificate for Internet drug trading this year and the 15th in the country.
Although there are already 15 A- certificates in the country, the third-party platforms mainly for online pharmacies have only acquired 95095 Ali, Jingdong Pharmaceuticals and 800 square meters.
According to people familiar with the matter, although Ali obtained the certificate through the acquisition early, Ali currently has three platform systems, namely, Ali Health, Tmall Medical Center and 95095, and these systems adopt different modes of operation, which obviously needs to be coordinated and improved step by step. For example, when you enter page 95095 now, you usually jump several times before entering the flagship stores of pharmacies in Tmall medicine hall.
Jingdong, on the other hand, applies for a license with its own system, without multiple jumps, which is relatively single and pure.
Obtaining a certificate is like a glittering doorway key for a large traffic owner like jingdong. The so-called A- card service mode is a third-party trading service platform, which can be used as a platform service provider between drug manufacturers, drug dealers and medical institutions, but it is not allowed to provide drug sales services to individuals.
Today, when the sale of drugs on the Internet is about to be released, the gold content of this key is even higher. According to the relevant person in charge of the State Food and Drug Administration, the state will lower the threshold for online drug sales on the Internet. According to the revised discussion draft previously disclosed, Class B licenses for Internet drug trading service qualification certificates no longer need to be approved or filed. Class C licenses no longer need to be approved, and drug retail enterprises with licensed pharmacists can file with the provincial bureau. Class A licenses are delegated to the provincial bureau for approval. This means that large and small pharmacies can sell drugs online.
The Internet online sales of prescription drugs is about to be liberalized, which also stimulated domestic pharmaceutical companies to enter the pharmaceutical Internet, many pharmaceutical companies through acquisitions and other ways to enter the pharmaceutical Internet. To develop rapidly, Tmall and Jingdong such a large amount of traffic platform is obviously the best starting point.
Compared with Tmall Medicine Hall, Jingdong is a late comer. To develop, it must go out of its own advantages. According to the Economic Observer, Jingdong's medicine museum will adopt a completely different model from Tmall's medicine museum after it goes online.
In Tmall Medical Museum, many pharmaceutical e-commerce companies can enter freely, and various merchants can obtain sales and customers through price competition. The low-price model is still followed, but as a result, the cost of obtaining customers for pharmaceutical e-commerce is very high. Tmall who master the flow have become the biggest beneficiaries. Therefore, the industry has complicated feelings for Tmall, and rapid development can be pinned on Tmall. However, it is an indisputable fact that profits are meager or even losses.
Jingdong's plan is to compete with online pharmacies. Don't compare prices, because good products have costs, and simple price competition is bound to affect the user experience. Its planning is the O2O model adopted by the Medical City, and there is also regional protection. Moreover, a small area is limited to one, and pharmacies in the back queue will be turned away.
Many drugstore chains don't think this is fair. However, for Jingdong, not to take Tmall road, this may be its only choice. In addition, according to the Economic Observer, in September this year, the National Development and Reform Commission convened Tmall, Jingdong, Hebei Huiyan Pharmaceutical Technology and other pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms, hoping that everyone would propose a plan for online sales of prescription drugs.
After the meeting, many home appliance manufacturers came up with their own plans. Among them, the way Jingdong selected hospital prescription drug bundled online sales was initially recognized by the NDRC. According to many people in the industry, Jingdong is very hopeful to obtain this pilot qualification.
This will undoubtedly become another trump card of Jingdong, and it may be even more threatening for Ali, who is also attacking cities and places in various hospitals!
Cyberlan believes that although JD Pharmaceutical has been relatively low-key in the past two years, it has been promoting the online sale of prescription drugs with professional vision, technology and actions, and is also building its own drug Internet business model that is different from other competitors. Once this difference is announced, everyone will see two completely different operations.
At the same time, since Ali is promoting pharmaceutical e-commerce with such great fanfare, it is inevitable to obtain the qualification for the pilot online sale of prescription drugs. At that time, people may see that in North China, East China, Central Plains and other places, there will be a raging peak battle. Not just two, or a third party ". We, wait and see.