On-site training by post in comprehensive preparation workshop

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In order to more effectively strengthen the production management of the workshop, the rational use and correct maintenance of the workshop equipment, and let the employees know their job responsibilities, recently, the comprehensive preparation workshop of the peak pharmaceutical factory organized the staff to carry out the process procedures andSOPOn-site training.

This training is different from the past, from the original traditional whole workshop staff together in the training room to learn workshop process procedures and SOP., all staff to do the same training test paper, upgraded to sub-post on-site training, for each post to develop a training content and test paper, through the workshop management personnel on-site explanation, the staff for closed-book examination. The training of different positions enables employees to have a more comprehensive understanding of the quality and technical requirements of the products in this position, strictly control the quality in daily production, achieve high output and good quality, maximize the production capacity of the workshop, and finally improve the production output and product quality of the workshop.