Dong 'e donkey hide gelatin raised its ex-factory price by 53%

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Dong'e Ejiao recently issued a price increase announcement. The company decided to increase the ex-factory price of Ejiao by 53%, and the retail price will also be adjusted accordingly.
Dong 'e Jiao said that the price increase of this product is one of the measures taken by the company to systematically operate. In view of the long-term imbalance between supply and demand of Ejiao raw materials, the company will focus on the established strategy, speed up the layout to the upstream of the industry, expand the scale of breeding, strengthen its own donkey skin resource guarantee system, and further improve the layout of the whole industrial chain.
It is reported that due to the continuous shortage of donkey skin resources in recent years, the price of donkey skin has continued to rise, which has caused the company's procurement costs to rise sharply; at the same time, as the medicinal value and nourishing health value of donkey-hide gelatin are recognized by more consumers, the market demand for donkey-hide gelatin Still expanding.
With respect to the price increase of this product, Wu Huaifeng, the company's secretary of the board of directors, told reporters that the shortage of donkey skin resources has now become the primary factor restricting the company's development, but the company will maintain good production and operation through procurement in the international market; at the same time, the company will trace back to the source of the industry, strengthen investment in donkey breeding, expand the scale of breeding, and provide more abundant raw materials for donkey-hide gelatin production; the company will also continue to enhance the company's core competitive advantage through the construction of the entire industry chain model, relying on its own strong brand advantages and advanced manufacturing technology, and actively respond to the impact of the imbalance between supply and demand of raw material resources on the company.
According to the company, in the future, the company will continue to increase R & D investment in accordance with the established strategy. On the basis of the mature Ejiao industry, it will develop more innovative segmented products for different consumer groups, and use the company's mature OTC channels and other advantages., To further increase the share of various products in the market segment, and provide stronger support for the company's long-term development.
It is worth noting that Dong'e Ejiao issued an announcement on the increase in the maximum retail price of compound Ejiao on August 16. The reporter learned that the compound Ejiao pulp will continue to use asymmetric price increases to transfer the main profit space to channels and terminals. Some market participants said that on the one hand, this move can increase the gross profit margin of manufacturers, which will help the company allocate more resources to the category of Ejiao pulp and promote the sustainable growth of products; on the other hand, it can improve the profit margin of channels and stimulate the enthusiasm of dealers, which is conducive to the healthy development of the market.