Jinxi Plant Accepts Environmental Inspection

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Jinhua city blue sky office to peak pharmaceutical factory jinxi factory area for environmental inspection.

Zheng Kunwu, director of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, introduced the overall layout and production status of the company's environmental protection facilities. While safe production, the pharmaceutical factory also attaches great importance to the management of environmental protection facilities. This year, it will also increase investment in environmental protection to ensure all environmental protection facilities. Normal operation to ensure that waste water and waste gas are discharged up to the standard.

The inspectors inspected the waste gas treatment facility incinerator, hazardous chemical storage tank area and supporting facilities for wastewater treatment, and focused on inquiring about the composition of the waste gas treatment facility incinerator system and the daily equipment operation, and affirmed the environmental protection work of the plant., And require enterprises to establish a long-term environmental protection mechanism to contribute to the blue sky defense war.