Prescription drug "touch the net" pharmaceutical e-commerce is expected to 3 trillion a large market

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A few days ago, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the measures for the Supervision and Administration of Internet Food and Drug Operation (draft for soliciting opinions), in which the Internet sales of prescription drugs have become the focus of market attention. Industry insiders believe that after the liberalization of Internet medical insurance payment restrictions, the state's release of prescription drugs for online sales will bring my country's pharmaceutical e-commerce to a new level, and the industry's development space is expected to be further opened.
The draft for comments clearly states that online drug operators can engage in online prescription drug operations after establishing an online pharmacy system for licensed pharmacists. Industry insiders pointed out that the domestic prescription drug market share is more than three times that of over-the-counter drugs, and has the advantages of high gross profit and high price. Previously, it was basically controlled by medical institutions. If Internet drug operators are allowed to sell prescription drugs by prescription, the development prospect will be very considerable.
The draft for comments further relaxes the entry threshold for pharmaceutical e-commerce, and clearly "allows pharmaceutical e-commerce to choose third-party logistics and distribution". According to the previous "Interim Provisions on the Approval of Internet Drug Transaction Services", pharmaceutical e-commerce must have a GSP-certified drug distribution system, which has blocked many enterprises from pharmaceutical e-commerce. In addition, the "Interim Regulations" also require pharmaceutical e-commerce companies to be "legally established pharmaceutical chain retail enterprises." This draft for comments relaxes the above restrictions, and single pharmacies are also allowed to carry out e-commerce business. In addition, compared with the "Interim Regulations", the draft for comments delegates the approval authority of the Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate from the State Food and Drug Administration to the provincial bureau.
According to a research report by a securities firm, the liberalization of online prescription drug operation means that the market space of pharmaceutical e-commerce will expand from the OTC (over-the-counter) market of 200 billion yuan to the OTC prescription drug market of nearly trillion yuan, and then to the large health market of 3 trillion yuan. With the addition of high-quality varieties such as new special drugs and chronic disease drugs with high amounts of drugs and strong persistence of patients' drugs, enterprises will also be greatly improved in key indicators such as user stickiness and single-customer amount.
In fact, the state has gradually increased its support for pharmaceutical e-commerce. Previously, the ban on the sale of prescription drugs and the lack of health insurance payment qualifications of the two major policy barriers have been the main factors restricting the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce. At the end of last year, Hainan and Shanghai successively piloted online pharmacy medical insurance reimbursement, liberalized medical insurance payment restrictions, and gradually broadened the development space of pharmaceutical e-commerce. Once the prescription drug "touch the net" is loosened, the pharmaceutical e-commerce will usher in a blowout development opportunity.
Yesterday, the head of Jiuzhoutong's good pharmacist said in an interview with a reporter from Shanghai Securities News: "Once the online sales policy of prescription drugs is implemented, it will have a positive impact on the development of the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry and people's lives." It is understood that good pharmacists have started to lay out the online work of prescription drugs in the first quarter of this year. At present, the company has built a relatively comprehensive library of prescription drugs, which can be put on the shelves only after the policy is released. In addition, the company is also ready for warehousing and logistics of drugs and online customer training for licensed pharmacists. The person in charge said: "Relying on Kyushu Tong's rich medical resources, good pharmacists will have an advantage in the market competition of prescription drug online sales, and it is expected to create a more flexible and affordable drug trading model."