The general direction of the price reduction of traditional Chinese medicine is becoming clear, squeezing out the price of water.

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The reporter learned recently that the price reduction of traditional Chinese medicine in 2014 is still in the brewing stage, and the introduction of the catalogue of low-priced drugs has been basically finalized.
According to people familiar with the matter, the average price drop of traditional Chinese medicine is about 10% to 15%, which is more moderate than the previous rumors.
On April 3, the traditional Chinese medicine enterprises continued to gather at the NDRC meeting to discuss the price reduction. The result of the latest discussion is that cost research is needed, and the Price Department of the National Development and Reform Commission instructs relevant departments to submit market monitoring reports as soon as possible, which will involve changes in the price and cost of production raw materials of many companies.
However, according to the chief technician of the Chinese medicine pharmacy in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai, the general direction of the price reduction of Chinese medicine has been set, and the water in the middle of the price must be squeezed out. In particular, the top ten drugs must be matched with the nature, grade evaluation and regional medical tasks undertaken by the hospital. That is to say, drugs with large dosage, good sales and high price may be squeezed out of the water in the price. In his opinion, the sales volume of auxiliary traditional Chinese medicine varieties is particularly good. For auxiliary drugs such as Jinshuibao, there may be a large room for price reduction. But at the same time, relevant people also pointed out that the price reduction should also be reasonable, and the fundamental purpose is to serve patients.