Company reserve talent selection begins "third season"

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  According to the company's "Implementation Measures for the Development and Training of Reserve Management Talents", the company will select a group of outstanding employees throughout the group company through open selection in the near future and include them in the reserve talent pool.

The selection and training of reserve talents is an important measure for the construction of the company's talent team, and it is also an important way and way to further enrich the reserve management talent team of the group company, pay attention to the growth of outstanding backbone employees, and encourage outstanding backbone employees to be proactive. According to the situation of talent team construction, the company will be the reserve talent training is divided into two levels of young eagle, flying eagle. Among them, the training objectives of the young eagle reserve talents are above the deputy position in the workshop of the subordinate enterprise, the deputy position in the management department (office) of the group company, the principal position in the department (office) of the professional company, the deputy position in the management team of the directly affiliated enterprise and the post below the principal position in the management team of the subordinate company (factory); the training objectives of Flying Eagle reserve talents are the principal position of the management department (office) of the group company and the professional company, the deputy position of the management team of the directly affiliated enterprise, and the principal position or above of the management team of the subordinate company (factory). In 2013year,2016In 2010, the company has conducted two reserve talent selections, with a total22The famous flying eagle level,33The famous young eagle level reserve management talent stands out and enters the company's reserve talent pool. In the post adjustment and selection over the years, some reserve talents have taken up the leading positions of enterprises.

The scope of this reserve talent selection is that the whole group has formal labor relations (or labor dispatch personnel), deputy positions in the department (office) of the group company, principal positions in the department (office) of the professional company, deputy positions in the management team of directly affiliated enterprises and employees below the principal positions in the management team of subordinate companies (factories). The selection conditions include: identifying with peak culture and values, obeying work arrangements, and being loyal to the enterprise; having a strong sense of responsibility, enterprising and innovative; having the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic and bearing hardships and stand hard work; having the moral character of magnanimity and selflessness; having the overall view; having worked in this enterprise for more than two years, with good work performance and excellent performance (the working years of imported talents can be appropriately relaxed); systematically master management theoretical knowledge, understand the development status of the industry, industrial policies and relevant laws and regulations; familiar with the business relationship of the unit, and have a certain ability to analyze and solve problems; have a bachelor degree or above recognized by the Ministry of Education; the age of young eagle reserve talents is limited to 35Under one year old, the age limit for flying eagle reserve talents is45Under the age of one year (the introduction of talents can be appropriately relaxed), those who sign up for the level of flying eagle reserve talents should hold the post of deputy or above in the workshop of subordinate enterprises for not less than two years.

To participate in the selection of reserve talents can be through individual self-recommendation and unit recommend, and the registration time is 2019.Year3Month10Day18day. Applicants should fill in the registration form for reserve talents, and at the same time provide photocopies of graduation certificates, degree certificates, professional title certificates, awards, computer capabilities and other relevant materials, and attach a summary of personal work, which will be submitted to the selection leading group for approval after the preliminary selection by the human resources department of the group company.

After the preliminary selection list is determined, the group company will organize the written examination and interview, accounting for 40% of the total score respectively.and60%. The written examination includes management knowledge and management-related professional knowledge; the interview is composed of members of the group company's reserve talent selection leading group and relevant professionals, focusing on comprehensive management ability, professional ability, logical thinking and adaptability, and language expression ability. Employees with excellent results are included in the organization's inspection objects. After the group company conducts a comprehensive moral, intellectual, and physical inspection to the employee's unit, a special meeting will be held. After the group discussion, the final list will be determined and publicized.

For the orderly implementation of this selection, the group company has established a work leadership group composed of chairman Jiang Xiaomeng as the team leader, general manager Yu Jianhong as the deputy team leader, and senior management of the group. The human resources department of the group company is responsible for the specific selection work. Relevant matters can be consulted with the Human Resources Department.