Peak pharmaceutical marketing model big adjustment

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Recently, the reporter learned from the annual work summary meeting of terminal and agent sales of pharmaceutical sales companies that this year's sales companies have changed greatly compared with previous years, and have made adjustments in marketing mode, customer management form, sales area division, marketing distribution mode, etc.

In recent years, with the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the national two-vote system has brought about major changes in pharmaceutical business, 4 7Volume procurement has brought great changes to the marketing model, while the sales company terminal, agent market there are products, customer channels are relatively single, high market concentration, weak market development capacity, inherent channels and newly developed hospitals on the volume of slow problems. To this end, the sales company in order to adapt to the new situation, timely adjustment of the marketing model, enhance the ability to expand the market.

2019For the Zhejiang terminal market, the sales company is divided into 20 according to the market business scope.a project package,22The salesmen of the terminal office bid at the meeting site and paid the corresponding deposit. The positions of managers in each office remain unchanged, and the amount of development hospitals and original products has been increased. This is also the first time that Zhejiang terminal has tried to adjust its business by bidding. Through bidding by salesmen, it can stimulate the maximum energy of salesmen and ensure the substantial quantity of terminal sales.

In terms of agency, the sales company focused on stabilizing large customers and subdividing small customers, and changed the agency marketing team model by setting up a large customer service manager and a small customer service manager respectively. The major customer service manager is responsible for centralized management and service of major customers and maintaining the quantity of major customers. The small account manager continues to dig into the market, find new agents and maintain the quantity work of other customers. Through big data analysis, the sales company divides customers into large and small customers based on how much sales are made in a year, and will 2018Annual low price sales greater than or equal55Ten thousand customers are classified as major customer areas of the company, and the rest are classified as small customer areas. Major customers in various provinces and regions are divided into five major customer service areas in East China, South China, Southwest China, Northwest China and North China, and one major customer area is directly managed by the company. The regional manager who has done the largest job in the original area is the first candidate for the major customer manager in the region, and the sales volume of major customers is negotiated. At the same time, the sales company merged several small customer sales areas, and finally decided on the regional small account manager through bidding.

In addition, the pharmaceutical sales company will also Sichuan Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shandong three regions as the agency commission system pilot area, the development of the third end market, do a good job of market segmentation sinking work. At the same time of attracting investment, local agents are encouraged to transform into terminals, reduce intermediate links, and return the profits of agents to agents in the form of commissions. The sales target in the pilot area consists of two objectives and tasks: investment promotion and commission system. Double assessment is implemented to supplement and implement the commission system sales target. The original small account manager can double span and have priority. If the small account manager in the original area does not accept it, the company will directly employ a special person to be responsible for the commission system sales in the outdoor market except the existing small customers in the area. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, in the national two-vote system, 4 7.Driven by new policies such as volume procurement, the implementation of commission sales will be conducive to the clarity of market sales, accurate assessment, fundamentally curb the behavior of goods, strengthen the sales company's control over the market, more conducive to the transformation of the later sales self-management model, new product marketing and product academic promotion.

Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, said that the adjustment of the marketing model of terminals and agents is aimed at changing the inherent thinking of salesmen and regional managers, and subdividing and mining the market and customers with innovative thinking. the goal is to achieve substantial growth in overall sales. (Ni YingzhenXu Yuting)


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What is "4 7With volume procurement "?

Volume procurement is proposed on the basis of centralized procurement, which means that when bidding or negotiation is carried out in the process of centralized drug procurement, the purchase quantity should be made clear, so that enterprises can quote for specific drug quantities. This procurement method of clear procurement volume is called volume procurement, and it is also the goal that China's drug procurement has been striving to achieve for many years.

Simply put, volume procurement can be understood as a large-scale "group purchase". The purchase volume is clear, and the low-priced bidder wins the bid. Volume procurement can play the role of volume for price through market-oriented bidding among enterprises, and reduce the price of purchased drugs.

Shanghai has 3The second time to carry out volume procurement, China Merchants Securities research report pointed out that Shanghai.2018Year6The third purchase with quantity announced in the month, a total of purchases20A variety, take out Shanghai50%The market share is given to the winning enterprise, and the enterprise that does not win the bid can only share the remaining.50%market share. And the state-driven11A city belt volume procurement, but also take out60%~70%of the market share to the winning bidder, the other firms can only share the remaining 30%~40%share.

“4 7"Refers to the pilot city of this band procurement.

11Month 14On the 15th, the fifth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform deliberated and approved the Pilot Program for Centralized Procurement of Drugs organized by the State, which clarified the general idea of national organization, alliance procurement and platform operation.11The Joint Procurement Office, composed of representatives from the pilot regions, is in11Month15The day was published 《4 7Urban Drug Centralized Procurement Document.

According to the procurement documents, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an 11a city(namely4 7a city)A pilot project of centralized procurement of medicines organized by the State will be carried out. The pilot area appoints representatives to form a joint procurement office as a working organization to implement centralized procurement on behalf of public medical institutions in the pilot area.

The document published 31List of procurement varieties.

This time "4 7The method of determining the selection of varieties in "band procurement" is that if the reporting enterprise is greater than or equal.3home, the lowest bidder wins the bid;11A company with a large sales area and large sales volume in the city wins the bid, if the reporting company is2Home, the lowest price into the pre-winning list. If the declared enterprise only1home, the enterprise entered the pre-winning list. In this way, each species only1enterprises into the pre-winning list. For the enterprises in the list of pre-winning bidders, they are ranked by price reduction: the top of the decline. (No more 7 Home)Direct winning bid, other pre-winning varieties for bargaining negotiations: reference to the reporting enterprise is greater than or equal.3The average decline in the winning varieties of the home determines the minimum decline in bargaining negotiations.

This time "4 7Purchase with quantity "from the date of execution of the results12One month is a procurement cycle. If the agreed purchase quantity is completed in advance of the purchase cycle, the excess will still be purchased at the selected price until the expiration of the purchase cycle.