Chen Zhu: Anti-cancer drugs will be included in the list of essential drugs for the first time

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Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out in yesterday's government work report that the reform and development of medical and health services should be deepened this year. We will consolidate and improve the basic drug system and the new mechanism for the operation of grass-roots medical and health institutions, speed up the reform of public hospitals, and encourage the community to run medical services.
In this regard, Minister of Health Chen Zhu said in an interview with reporters yesterday that the second edition of the essential drug catalog will be announced soon, and the number of drugs will be expanded from 307 in the first edition to more than 500; and the first edition is only a grassroots version, such as anti-cancer drugs., There is no one in severe cardiovascular drugs, nervous system and psychiatric drugs, plasma products, etc., and the new version of the basic drug catalog is basically available.