Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Mobilizes on Systematic "Year of Style Construction"

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Recently, Huang Meng, secretary of the party committee and director of the Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration, mobilized the whole system on how to reshape a new image, create a new situation in work, and comprehensively carry out the "year of work style Construction.
Huang Meng first stressed that the cadres of the whole system should strengthen their confidence and cheer up their spirits. In order to maintain a good mental state at all levels of the system, we must look at the problems from the perspective of development, grasp the historical position and work orientation of food and drug supervision; we must look at the problems, look at the mainstream, look at the overall situation, and see the direction of progress with a rational mentality; we must inspire the fighting spirit, forge ahead, and win the trust of the people with the new results and achievements of practical work.
Huang Meng demanded that all levels of the system should unite and work hard and make great efforts. At present, we must do something in five aspects: we must do something in implementing the concept of scientific supervision, respect facts, respect laws, and continuously improve the level of scientific supervision; we must do something in the central task of "ensuring the safety of public diet and medication", so that ordinary people can eat safe food and use safe drugs; we must do something in maintaining the credibility of the "Chinese medicine standard word", win the people's trust, and let the people take "reassurance pills"; it is necessary to do something in investigating and dealing with major and important cases, show momentum, show prestige, and gain social recognition; it is necessary to do something in building a safe Zhejiang and Zhejiang under the rule of law, and building a harmonious society, so as to promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of Zhejiang. All levels of the system should seize the opportunity to improve the level. We must rely on political advantages at all levels to optimize the external environment; we must actively strive for financial support and focus on implementing material and funding guarantees; we must highlight capacity building and focus on strengthening and improving the technical support system.
Huang Meng stressed that all levels of the system must be honest, self-disciplined and clean. Fully aware of the extreme importance of strengthening the building of a clean and honest party style, always regard strengthening the building of a clean and honest party style and the building of the contingent of cadres as a top priority, and unify our thinking with the spirit of the Seventh Plenary session of the Central Commission for discipline Inspection and the Fifth work Conference on Clean Government of the State Council. we should earnestly grasp it and achieve results. We must unswervingly regard the construction of party style and clean government as the "No. 1 Project"; leading cadres must take the lead in honesty and self-discipline, manage the team, lead the team, and educate their families and staff around them; we must fully implement the measures of the systematic punishment and prevention system, In accordance with the requirements of education, system, and supervision, find weak links and plug loopholes in time.
Huang Meng finally pointed out that the system at all levels to effectively change the style, reshape the image. The provincial party committee and the provincial government have deployed the "Work Style Construction Year" activity, which is of special significance to the system. It is a good opportunity to open the door to rectification, invigorate the spirit, reshape the image, and fight a turnaround. We must make careful arrangements and make solid progress, pay close attention to the formulation of specific activity plans, make overall plans, highlight key points, plan carefully, link up and down, and advance in an orderly manner. In the activities, we must implement the responsibility, pay attention to the actual results, take the lead in grasping the style of work, open the door and take the initiative to grasp the style of work, highlight the key points, pay attention to the actual results, grasp the style of work, and strive to reshape the system image of "for the people, pragmatic and honest.