Municipal SASAC to the company research

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       1Month25On the morning of the Japanese, the main leaders of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jinhua City led a team to visit the company to conduct research on topics such as the "three services" of government departments.

Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, introduced the company 60 to the research group.The development history, business status, industrial layout, party building work, and future industrial investment direction. As the first listed company in the national cement industry and the earliest existing listed company in the province, Jianfeng has embarked on a healthy and sustainable development path of becoming bigger, stronger, better, and specialized in recent years, and has formed a good corporate culture. Formed the industry development brand. In particular, the going out development strategy implemented by enterprises has successfully transformed resource advantages into development advantages, laying a good foundation for enterprises to achieve their centennial development goals. The research group proposed that enterprises should pay attention to strengthening the construction of talent team, especially in the field of pharmaceutical research, pay attention to the introduction of high-end talents, and form the core competitiveness of enterprises with scientific research investment. At present, the economic situation at home and abroad is still relatively complex, and there are both opportunities and challenges for enterprises and development. Jianfeng Group should adhere to the idea of steady development, not only pay attention to preventing risks, but also seize opportunities in its main business and expand investment. we will promote the enterprise to be better and stronger. (Reporter  Ni Yingzhen)