City and district leaders visited the peak before the festival

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    The New Year is approaching. In the past few days, the Jinhua City Federation of Trade Unions and relevant leaders of Wucheng District have visited Jianfeng Group and its subordinate companies to send holiday greetings and New Year blessings.

1Month 22On the same day, Chi Xianhong, member of the party group and vice chairman of the Jinhua City Federation of Trade Unions, and his entourage went to Jianfeng Group to visit Fu Deqing, former general manager and vice chairman of the provincial model worker group company, and Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, to extend their New Year blessings and greetings. Fu Deqing, Jiang Xiaomeng and Vice Chairman Chi Xianhong had a discussion and exchange. Vice Chairman Chi Xianhong affirmed the work of the peak in recent years, and at the same time expressed his gratitude for the contribution that the peak has made to Jinhua and the local economic development.

1Month 29On the morning of the 15th, Cai Yan, secretary of the Wucheng district party Committee, and district leaders such as Xu miaofang, Jia hengfei, Zhu Xiaodong and Zhao yanhua visited Jianfeng group for condolences. Group leaders Jiang Xiaomeng, Huang Jinlong and Xiang Chongping held discussions and exchanges with Cai Yan and his party. Secretary Cai Yan affirmed the achievements made by Jianfeng in its efforts to innovate, and hoped that Jianfeng would continue to focus on the industry and make persistent efforts to innovate, relying on scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, and R & D innovation to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and show new achievements and make new contributions in the new journey of promoting "catching up with and surpassing Wucheng" and implementing the "two-city strategy.

1Month 31On the morning of the 15th, Zhang Pu, deputy district chief of Wucheng district government, led the district federation of industry and commerce to visit dr Li wende, the innovation leader of ssangyong plan. During the discussion, in response to the current hot issues in the health care product industry, Li Wende said that the role of health care products is to improve health conditions. Only by correctly guiding, focusing on research and development, analyzing and grasping the development trend of the biomedicine and health care product market can we be a real health product. leader. Deputy District Mayor Zhang Pu and his entourage said that they have a further understanding of their views on health products and hope that the peak will continue to maintain its momentum and develop steadily.