The company organizes scientific and technical personnel and young employees to discuss

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News from our newspaper  1Month25On the 15th, representatives of scientific and technological personnel and young employees from the group and its subordinate enterprises respectively participated in the symposium organized by the group company. employee representatives from Yunnan peak and daye peak also participated in the symposium through the video conference system. The leaders of the group company and the heads of relevant departments had face-to-face exchanges with them.

At the symposium, the delegates talked about their feelings and experiences in their work and life, and combined with their own job work, from improving the information system, quality management, business learning, assessment and motivation, execution, improving technical level, hardware facilities, and improving canteen Food and other aspects put forward opinions and opinions. The leaders of the company and the heads of relevant departments respectively answered the representative questions raised by the employee representatives, and said that they would sort out and classify these opinions and suggestions, and give them back to the relevant departments and units for improvement and solution.

Xiang Chongping, deputy general manager of the group company, said at the scientific and technological personnel forum that scientific and technological personnel in enterprises are related to the development and growth of enterprises. Therefore, scientific and technological personnel should establish the concept of lifelong learning to adapt to the development and changes of the times, and should be good at learning and improve the efficiency of learning. We should have the courage to take responsibility, have a high sense of responsibility to do a good job, take on problems and solve problems, innovation is the driving force and source of enterprise development. Scientific and technological personnel should have the courage to innovate and take the initiative to become indispensable talents for enterprises. At the same time, enterprises should also establish innovation mechanisms and platforms for employees; they should be willing to contribute and make more contributions to enterprises.

At the forum of young employees, Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company, introduced the current market environment and the basic status quo of the industry, the company's advantages in science and technology, and the problems that need employees to innovate and study and pay attention to observation from the aspects of cement and medicine. He hopes that peak employees will take the initiative to find problems, try to solve problems, constantly improve themselves, give full play to their abilities, become indispensable talents for the enterprise, and strive for the future of the enterprise.