Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory Set up Technical Research Team

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In order to solve the technical problems in production and enhance the professional and technical capabilities of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory, recently, Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory established a technical research team of Jinxi Pharmaceutical Factory with undergraduate students as the backbone.

The members of the technical research team are mainly raw materials, comprehensive preparations, powder injection workshops andQAThe college student employees of the four departments of the Ministry will adopt the management mode of the university research group, regularly carry out theoretical training, literature study, group meeting discussion, and implement the personal project responsibility system, aiming to truly cultivate a group of backbone personnel with excellent theoretical knowledge and rich technical experience.

The members of the technical research team expressed that they hope to learn more knowledge, face some challenges, and constantly enrich themselves while performing their own work. The establishment of a technical research team in Jinxi Factory just built a learning and practice for them. Platform.