The company carries out comprehensive safety inspection at the end of the year

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News from our newspaperIn order to find out the safety management situation of each unit in a more comprehensive way, grasp the safety production management at the end of the year,12Month24day,25On the 1st, the safety management office of the group organized the safety supervisors of all units to participate in the year-end comprehensive safety inspection of seven units in Jinhua.

In the inspection process of each unit of gold, in order to improve the inspection efficiency, the inspectors are divided into two groups: safety management defects and on-site safety hazard management, and each unit is inspected separately. From the overall situation, all units have made obvious progress in the management of hidden dangers on the spot this year. The production workshops, warehouses and peripheral sites are in good order, basically eliminating major potential safety hazards, and the overall appearance of the factory area is more beautiful than before. However, some units also have problems such as stagnant water on the floor of the workshop, poor fire access, untimely cleaning of the site, and waste storage. In terms of safety management defects, the inspection team focused on checking the safety management ledger. The main problems included that individual units did not carry out the safety education year activities as planned. There are many missing items in management and the ledger management is chaotic. Most units have not effectively carried out safety rewards and punishments. Individual units did not carry out safety training for employees attentively. There are three units with multiple sets of safety systems, which have not been cleaned up in time to control; except for health science and technology companies, the safety investment accounts of other units are not standardized. The department's safety activity record form is not standardized.

In the past year, the safety management of international trading companies has made obvious progress, and the rectification of hidden dangers is more timely than before. In particular, the safety ledger is more standardized and detailed, which basically meets the requirements of the company's ledger management system and has been unanimously affirmed by the members of the inspection team.

During the inspection, the safety supervisors of each unit exchanged and learned from each other. After the inspection, the inspection team put forward rectification opinions and requirements to each unit.

The person in charge of the safety management office of the group said that the process management in production and operation activities needs to be constantly grasped, otherwise the safety result can only be a castle in the air. Judging from the situation of this inspection, there are still many weaknesses in safety management. In order to implement standardized and strict management and overcome the phenomenon of few habitual methods and inaction in safety management, it is also necessary for safety management personnel of all units to further realize that there is a gap in their own management level and enhance their enthusiasm and willingness to pursue progress in safety management.

According to the requirements of the group company, Tianjin, Hubei, Yunnan, Anhui and other foreign enterprises have also organized self-inspection of safety and environmental protection work in the near future. (Group Security Management Office)