The 20th Anniversary of Peak Pharmaceutical

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    12Month 31On the same day, Zhejiang Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was incorporated.



    7Months, Donation 3Ten thousand yuan to support the medical industry in Naqu, Tibet.

    9Month 11On the same day, a seminar on pharmaceutical development was held in Hangzhou to discuss the development strategy of the peak pharmaceutical industry.

    9Month 30day,2208Ten thousand yuan buyout Jinhua City Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    12In January, Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Products Research and Development Co., Ltd. was invested in the establishment of a natural plant extraction enterprise in Tianjin.

    Won the title of "Double Ten Best" enterprise in Zhejiang pharmaceutical industry.

    The total sales revenue and profit ranked 35th in the national chemical pharmaceutical industry.Bit and No.33Bit.



    3In January, the first new drug clarithromycin capsule was approved for production, 6The official production was put on the market in January.

    8Month 14On the same day, Jinhua City Pharmaceutical Company Store was established on the basis of Jinhua City Peak Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd.

    8Month 26Japan, the first cephalosporin powder injection sterile automatic sub-packaging production line through the country.GMPAcceptance.

    It was rated as the top ten industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province and the top ten pharmaceutical enterprises in Zhejiang Province (ranked sixth).

    12In January, China's first national class I new drug gatifloxacin, jointly developed with China Pharmaceutical University, was protected by the national clinical announcement for a period of 12 years.At the same time, it was listed as a major scientific and technological project in the province and city.



    3In January, the national four-class new drug azithromycin freeze-dried powder injection was officially put into operation in Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Factory.

    7Month 13Day, Qiubin pharmaceutical base project broke ground.

    12Month 21Three workshops and five dosage forms in the comprehensive preparation building of Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Factory passed the nationalGMPCertification.



    1Month 30Day, Donation28Taiwan, nearly one million yuan worth of pharmaceutical equipment to Xinjiang Moyu County to support local economic construction.

    1Month 14On the 2nd, amiodarone hydrochloride for injection of lyophilized powder obtained a new drug certificate.

    8In January, the national new drug Yufeng Ningxin Drop Pills was approved to be listed. This variety is the first to be listed in China, filling the gap of this dosage form in the province.

    8In January, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jinhua City.

    10Month, cardiovascular anti-hypertensive first-line drug Lestat (aspartate amlodipine tablets) officially listed.

    12Month 13Japan, Akohama Pharmaceutical Factory through the state.GMPCertification, the largest single pharmaceutical factory in East China at the time.

    12Month 27On the same day, Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and acting governor, inspected Peak Pharmaceuticals.



    1In January, the national class I new drug Leo (gatifloxacin) was officially put on the market.

    5Month 14Day, Donation Value28Ten thousand yuan of Leo (gatifloxacin) to Jinhua Central Hospital, Jinhua People's Hospital and Jinhua Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and other designated hospitals to prevent SARS.

    6In January, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

    8In January, the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and the China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Association jointly released a list of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in the country, with Peak Pharmaceuticals ranked 49th.Bit.



    5In January, the third-generation antidepressant Sultanro (Paroxetine) was officially launched.

    5Month 19On the same day, Lu Zushan, then governor of Zhejiang Province, inspected Peak Pharmaceuticals.

    7Month 15On the same day, Jin deshui, then vice governor of Zhejiang province, inspected peak pharmaceutical.

    8In January, two new drugs, cefmenoxime hydrochloride for injection and glycerol fructose injection, were successfully approved for production. 10Month, the third generation of semi-synthetic cephalosporin broad-spectrum antibiotics-injection of cefotaxime hydrochloride in the domestic first imitation listing.

    9In January, he was awarded the honorary title of "Model Collective of Zhejiang Province.



    3Month 17Day, was named"2004Jinhua Drug of the YearGMPAdvanced units for certification work ".



    1Month 19On the same day, the gatifloxacin project passed the completion acceptance of the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, which was the only national high-tech industrialization demonstration project in Jinhua at that time.



    9Month 4Day, the national second-class new drug herpes zoster special drug-injection with penciclovir approved production, for the first domestic.

    10In January, it passed the review of key high-tech enterprises in the National Torch Plan and became a national key high-tech enterprise.

    10Month 27On the same day, "a new drug gatifloxacin and its preparations" was awarded the "national high-tech industrialization demonstration project".



    1In January, the country's second-class new drug injection of penciclovir in the world's first listed sales.

    5Month 15Day, the value of donations to the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan100More than ten thousand yuan of gatifloxacin sodium chloride injection and glucose sodium chloride injection and other drugs.

    5Month 30Day, again to the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas to donate value100More than ten thousand yuan of scorpion venom injection.

    6In January, the Penciclovir project won the Silver Award of "Entrepreneurship Zhejiang"-Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project.

    9Month 3On the same day, Wang Jianman, then vice governor of Zhejiang Province, inspected Peak Pharmaceuticals.

    10Month 30Day, Donation10Ten thousand yuan to support the construction of a new countryside in Jingshang Village, Tashi Township, Wucheng District, Jinhua City.

    11Month 25On the 15th, the two trademarks "Leo" and "Li Xiaojun" were recognized as famous trademarks in Jinhua City.

    12In January, it was recognized as the third batch of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province and the second batch of innovative pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

    12Month 26On the same day, the program "Dialogue of Life" selected by Peak Pharmaceutical won the reform and opening up of the food and drug regulatory system in Zhejiang Province.30First prize in the annual performance.



    2In January, the national new drug aceclofenac sustained-release tablets obtained the new drug certificate and production approval, which is the exclusive dosage form in China.

    4Month 29Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Factory won the honorary title of "Worker Pioneer.

    5In January, it was ranked 2008 in the total output value of pharmaceutical enterprises in the country by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Annual ranking No.34China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association pharmaceutical industry enterprises.2008Ranked No.31position and total profit ranked No.54Bit.

    8Month 26Day, the value of donations to Jinhua City Health Care Home.20million in medical goods and pharmaceuticals.

    11Month 9Japan, cefmenoxime hydrochloride for injection, amlodipine aspartate, etc.6Varieties are listed as key varieties of pharmaceutical preparations in Zhejiang Province.



    8Month 18On the day, it was selected for the release of the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry.2009China's top 100 pharmaceutical industry enterprises in the year, ranked No.64Bit.

    10In January, it was rated as an excellent enterprise in Jinhua City.

    12Month 8Day, won the "Medical Observer" selection.2010Most Achievement Company of the Year Award ".



    4Month 21Day, sponsored by China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Business Association, China Non-Prescription Drug Association and other units.2011At the Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Brand Summit, Spike Pharmaceuticals won the"2011Chemical pharmaceutical industry enterprise brand top 100 "title, ranked38Bit.

    5Month 4Day, commemorating the May 4th Movement in Jinhua City92At the anniversary celebration, Fengli Xiang of the product development department of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical won the title of "Eight Wu Youth Pioneer.

    9In January, it was awarded the title of "Innovative Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang Province" and was shortlisted for "Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Enterprises".

    10In January, Cefmenoxime Hydrochloride for Injection and Its Raw Materials Won 2011The first prize for outstanding industrial new products and new technologies in Zhejiang Province is the only product in the pharmaceutical industry in the province that has won this honor.

    11Month 14-15At the Ninth Congress of Zhejiang Science and Technology Association held on the same day, Huang Jinlong, general manager of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical, was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Scientific and technological worker in Zhejiang Province" and was elected as a member of the Ninth Committee of Zhejiang Science and Technology Association.

    11Month 25The first China (Jinhua) International Trade Development Conference, No.12The China Jinhua Industrial Science and Technology Cooperation Fair opened, and the expert workstation of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Academician was officially awarded at the opening ceremony of the conference.



    5Month 9On the same day, Jianfeng Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinhua Vocational and Technical College. Jianfeng Pharmaceutical and the School of Pharmaceutical and Materials Engineering of the Golden Vocational College carry out various forms of production, learning and research cooperation.6Month6On the same day, Peak Pharmaceuticals and Jinhua Vocational and Technical College of Pharmaceutical and Materials Engineering jointly organized the "Peak Pharmaceutical Class" class.2013Year7In January, the students of the "Peak Pharmaceutical Class" graduated and officially entered the peak pharmaceutical industry.

    5Month 17On the same day, Spike Pharmaceuticals passed the clean production audit and acceptance. At the same time, Peak Pharmaceuticals' environmental behavior was rated"2011Annual Jinhua City enterprise environmental behavior credit rating "blue mark.

    6Month 1On the same day, the two sides signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation with Jinhua Municipal People's Hospital (Affiliated Hospital of Jinhua Vocational and Technical College), and the two sides carried out in-depth cooperation.

    7Month 31On the 15th, the Jinxi production base project broke ground. Ge Huijun, then member of the standing Committee of the Zhejiang provincial party Committee, vice governor and propaganda minister, lai yingjie, vice minister of the propaganda department of the provincial party Committee, Chen Yixin, secretary of the Jinhua municipal party Committee, Tao chenghua, vice mayor, and other provincial and municipal leaders, together with Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of Jianfeng group, laid the foundation for the Jinxi project.

    10Month 29On the same day, the drug research and development center of the Golden Institute of Peak Pharmaceutical was inaugurated, with Huang Jinlong, general manager of Peak Pharmaceutical, as the director of the research and development center, and Liu Jiajian, chief scientist of Sichuan Antibiotic Industry Research Institute, as the technical director of the research and development center.

    12Month 3The "peak" trademark became a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province. This is the first provincial famous trademark since the establishment of the peak pharmaceutical industry.

    12Month 3On the same day, Jinhua Pharmaceutical Company's subsidiary Jianfeng United Medical Devices Company opened, mainly engaged in various types of medical devices, providing medical equipment, consumables and other distribution services for large and medium-sized hospitals.



    3Month 4On the 1st, it became the first batch of national training bases for "double-qualified" teachers in higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province, and it was also the only pharmaceutical company among them. The unveiling ceremony was held in Qiubin Factory.

    3Month 15The Ministry of Health announced2012The annual edition of the National Essential Drug List, peak pharmaceutical paroxetine hydrochloride tablets, clarithromycin capsules and other products were selected.

    4Month 8Day5Month29On the 2nd, as a national training base for higher vocational colleges across the country, the first batch of students were welcomed. Professional backbone teachers from higher vocational colleges from more than ten provinces and cities studied in Jianfeng Pharmaceutical for a month and a half.

    8In January, it was approved to establish the first post-doctoral research station in Jinhua City.

    8Month, 2012Annual corporate environmental behavior credit rating to obtain the highest green grade mark, for the project environmental protection license, listed environmental protection verification, environmental protection funds subsidies, scientific research projects, honor assessment to open a green channel, and as the main basis for green credit.

    12Month, identified as 2013Zhejiang Province Patent Demonstration Enterprise.