Focus on sticking to the peak forever

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As of the end of the third quarter of this year, total assets 47.88Billions of dollars, net assets33.66Billion yuan, to achieve a net profit of the parent company.4.88Billions of yuan, earnings per share1.42Yuan. Recently, the peak group disclosed the beautiful2018Third Quarter Report, Celebrating Entrepreneurship with the Best Operating Results in History60Anniversary.

Wind and rain 60Year. Spike people are moving towards a comprehensive modern enterprise group with strong core competitiveness with sustained and steady high-quality development.

Strategy: Focus and Professionalism

1958In, the first generation of peak people built the first cement factory in Jinhua history at the foot of peak mountain. 1983Since the beginning of the year, through horizontal alliance with township enterprises, the formation of enterprise groups, the implementation of joint-stock reform, the peak from a small state-owned cement plant to develop into the first listed company in China's cement industry. Since then, in the stage of diversification, the peak will develop the pharmaceutical industry into the second pillar industry.2007In the year, it joined forces with the central enterprise China Building Materials to participate in the formation of Southern Cement and strategically shift the focus of the cement industry; at the same time, through mergers and acquisitions, scientific and technological innovation, the pharmaceutical industry further exerted its strength.

Today, Sharp Peak Group has 33 participating and holding subsidiaries.Home, involving building materials, medicine, big health, modern logistics, international trade and communication cable six major industries, is the earliest existing in our provinceAshares of listed companies.

Listing 25On the anniversary, Chairman Jiang Xiaomeng said that the continued stability of Jianfeng Group benefits from the long-term strategic positioning of focusing on industry. This is the value orientation of Jianfeng and the responsibility of the enterprise. At the same time, it benefits from the combination of cyclical and non-cyclical business structure, and benefits from the core competitiveness formed in the long-term market competition.

Cement is the foundation of the enterprise, and the peak timely transfers the strategic focus of the cement industry to the national "Belt and Road" area layout, strengthen the management of intelligent, green production, to ensure excellent quality and profitability. As "China's top 50 cement", the state focuses on supporting the structural adjustment of the cement industry 60One of the largest companies, especially with the profitability of tons of cement, which ranks among the top in the industry, Peak Cement has established itself as a cost leader in the regional market.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Jianfeng Group on the one hand to increase industrial mergers and acquisitions, improve the industrial chain, the current peak pharmaceutical has a wholly-owned, holding and participation in the drug research and development, production enterprises 9.Home; pharmaceutical business3On the other hand, it has strengthened scientific and technological innovation, increased the development of new products, and formed the production system of three production bases of pharmaceutical intermediates, Chinese patent medicine preparations and chemical medicine preparations.1Provincial Drug Research Institute,3Academician expert workstations,4A research and development system led by a post-doctoral workstation and four major innovative drug development entities. Currently has international and domestic52patents, including invention patents43the leading product market share of the top three, and increase the research and development of anti-tumor drugs, infant drugs, to be a technology leader in the field of segmentation.

Pattern: open and inclusive

The strategic transfer of the cement industry is cooperation and integration; the sudden emergence of the pharmaceutical industry is also inseparable from cooperation and integration. For the "old enterprise" of Jianfeng Group, the partners feel the same: the pattern is very large.

2007In 2010, Jianfeng Group put forward the development strategy of "strengthening the main business through cooperation and innovation, standardizing science and seeking development. "Cooperation and innovation to strengthen the main business" emphasizes openness and inclusiveness.

Last year, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical acquired Shanghai Beika Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech company with a number of new technologies and new products. This year, Shanghai Beika Pharmaceutical acquired Anhui Zhongwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and established a small molecule targeted drug research institute, further enhancing the research and development and production capacity of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical in pharmaceutical intermediate raw materials.

Kang Litao, general manager of Shanghai North Carolina Pharmaceutical, said that after joining Jianfeng Group, he deeply felt that although this is an old listed company restructured by a state-owned enterprise, the degree of standardization, marketization, and modernization is very high, and the position of the company's helmsman is high. Especially respect high-tech talents.

Wang Yiyan, deputy manager of Daye Peak Manufacturing Department, is a local and 2007year into the enterprise. When applying for a job, I was attracted by the modern factory area. After working, I was moved by Jianfeng Group's tolerance and mind. "Everyone is talented, everyone is talented." Wang Yiyan said, "From ordinary workers to middle-level backbones, I really feel this."

Daye peak, Yunnan peak in recent years, even record high efficiency, but dare not have the slightest slack. Although these enterprises are in other provinces, many management backbones due to continuous 10After working in the field for many years, I feel guilty for my family. Although some people want to hire them with a high salary, they all say: "I just want to be a pinnacle."

As a high-tech peak pharmaceutical sector, it has gathered a group of high-tech talent teams. Peak meets the needs of talents to "build nests and attract Phoenix". Where the talents are, the R & D institutions are located, attracting a large number of industry leaders and "returnees" talents, and promoting the innovation and research and development of new products and drugs.

Some people say that corporate culture is the boss culture. Jiang Xiaomeng started as a worker in Jianfeng Group, but he is also a recognized expert entrepreneur; as the chairman of a listed company, he is observing the general trend and seeking great things, but he has no airs in front of the employees, long-distance business trips, and the driver is tired on the way., He will drive by himself and let the driver take a rest in the passenger seat. He once said that the invisible road lies in seizing the opportunity. The impermanent law lies in taking advantage of the situation. Great skill selflessness lies in uniting people's hearts.

Jiang Xiaomeng said, Peak Development 60The most precious wealth of the year is a group of peak people with similar values, and a unique peak culture leads the growth of the workforce. Over the years, Jianfeng Group has continuously integrated resources and added more and more new employees. Next, in the face of the complicated economic situation and fully competitive industry pattern, the adjustment of industrial structure will be increased, the integration and improvement of M & A enterprises need to be accelerated, and the training and upgrading of talents will be accelerated. It is necessary to require the peak to be in addition to the values of "being brave to open up, keeping pace with the times, and climbing the peak forever, integrate into the corporate culture of" innovation, tolerance, honesty and responsibility.

Management: Norms and Science

If we say that "cooperation and innovation to strengthen the main business" emphasizes openness and inclusiveness, "standardizing science for development" emphasizes management.

Business management is the first to determine the enterprise strategy. Jianfeng always adheres to the "half-step philosophy" and is always half a step ahead of the times and practice. This half step is ahead of time and not blind; it is well-founded and not regular. Timely, moderate and appropriate half-step shows the development of keeping pace with the times, and has become something in the blood of peak people.

Jiang Xiaomeng said that under the premise of the established corporate strategy, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the strategy, it is necessary to support the strong execution ability to ensure the effective centralized allocation of resources. And this is the proposition of management innovation. Whether it is enterprise production management, marketing, technological innovation, finance and other aspects, the successful promotion of peak strategy is inseparable from the improvement of management process ability.

Jianfeng Group actively promotes the construction of enterprise information, through the construction of OA covering all enterprises of the group company.Management system, financial management system, human resource management system, video conference system, etc., while improving the efficiency of daily work, realize the convenient management of cross-regional development. In addition, continue to carry out fine management, through.6SOn-site management of lean production, benchmarking management, and comprehensive budget management, so that they are institutionalized and proceduralized, and become the daily management procedures and work habits of employees. Establish an assessment and evaluation system for managers at all levels, use the evaluation system to stimulate the motivation of managers, restrict the behavior of managers, and continue to promote the development of enterprise management to a high level and high efficiency. In order to promote the optimization of enterprise organization and job optimization, Jianfeng Group is in2016The introduction of "amoeba" management concept, and learn from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign counterparts to promote the transformation and upgrading of management mode and production mode. In recent years, the company pays attention to management innovation, and won the "Zhejiang Province 'three 'training pilot enterprises" and "Zhejiang Province Industrial Award Silver Award".

However, Jiang Xiaomeng said that as an enterprise manager, one must be clear-headed. Today's success does not mean eternal success in the future. Past glory does not mean eternal glory in the future. The management of a successful enterprise is always on the way. "We still have a lot to improve, improve and reform. For example, we still have a gap with advanced companies in terms of the quality and speed of innovative research and development, and we still have a lot to do in terms of lean production, technological innovation, cost control and seeking connotative growth." He said, "In the future, while doing a good business, we will pay more attention to social responsibility. Our goal is to be a century-old enterprise, a respected enterprise, so we will never be satisfied."