China enters H7N9 epidemic season

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Since December last year, the H7N9 epidemic in some areas of China has been on the rise. On January 9, the reporter learned from the National Health and Family Planning Commission that the risk assessment of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention concluded that at present, China has entered the season of high incidence of h7n9 epidemic, and the overall characteristics of the epidemic have not changed. Recently, the H7N9 epidemic in mainland China is still sporadic, and it is not ruled out that cases continue to appear in some parts of the south.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission is actively strengthening epidemic surveillance and risk assessment, and guiding localities to seriously carry out influenza-like case surveillance, unexplained pneumonia case surveillance, and severe pneumonia case surveillance. At the same time, various localities are also actively organizing the prevention and control of the epidemic. Among them, the provinces where the epidemic has occurred have strengthened the prevention and control of the H7N9 epidemic within their jurisdiction, increased the front-line supervision of the epidemic prevention and control, and supervised the closure of the live poultry business market in the epidemic area. The implementation of source control measures such as killing, and further do a good job in early diagnosis and treatment and severe treatment, and treatment, and treatment, and strive to reduce the occurrence.

Experts suggest that the public should avoid contact with sick and dead poultry in their daily life, and try to avoid direct contact with live poultry, birds or their feces. If they do, they must wash their hands as soon as possible; they should buy fresh, live, and frozen poultry with quarantine certificates. And its products, such as "chilled and frozen" poultry products; raw poultry, livestock meat and eggs must be cooked thoroughly, and wash hands thoroughly after processing raw poultry and eggs; attention should be paid to food hygiene, raw and cooked food should be separated during food processing; cultivate a healthy lifestyle, maintain a normal work and rest as much as possible, and strengthen physical exercise; if you have fever and respiratory symptoms, you should wear a mask and see a doctor as soon as possible.