Pharmaceutical company successfully passed two audits

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From December 3 to 6, after a four-day on-site audit by the audit expert group of Hangzhou Wantai Certification Center, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical successfully passed the ISO9001: the first audit of 2008 International Quality System Certification and the first review after ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification.
The experts inspected the pharmaceutical company's production technology department, quality assurance department, product development department and other relevant departments and three subordinate branch factories on the spot, consulted relevant documents, reviewed relevant records, and communicated with relevant departments and business leaders. The experts affirmed the operation of the quality management system and environmental management system of the pharmaceutical company, and put forward guidance and suggestions on the problems found in the audit.
At the final review meeting on December 6, Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, stressed that the purpose of carrying out quality management system and environmental management system certification is to really improve management, improve corporate image and enhance competitiveness. He hopes that in the future work, we will strictly implement the quality policy of "establishing peak ambition, pursuing excellent quality; making high-quality drugs for the benefit of human society", implement all work, and strive to improve the level of standardized management; he requires all employees Continue to attach great importance to environmental protection, further grasp the environmental conditions, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce costs, reduce pollutant emissions, and reduce the risk of environmental liability accidents, comprehensively improve the awareness of environmental protection and social responsibility.