Party members of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory visited Liu Ying Martyrs Cemetery

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12Month8On the 15th, Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized all party members to visit and study in the Liu Ying Martyrs Cemetery, a patriotic education base in Zhejiang Province, to pay homage to revolutionary martyrs and receive revolutionary traditional education.

Liu Ying Martyrs Cemetery is located at the foot of Ma Tou Mountain, Fangyan Scenic Area, a national scenic spot in Yongkang, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. Party members of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory paid homage to the Tomb of Liu Ying Martyrs, the Tomb of Zhang Guiqing Martyrs, the Tomb of the Thirteen Martyrs in Yongkang, and the martyrdom of Liu Ying and Zhang Guiqing, and reviewed their oath to join the Party in front of the Tomb of Martyrs. The revolutionary memorial hall in the northeast corner of the cemetery, the monument to the revolutionary martyrs in the west and the Red Army Pavilion in the south truly and comprehensively reproduce the revolutionary martyrs who showed firm belief and the revolutionary spirit of tenacious struggle, fearless sacrifice and daring to win during the founding of the party and the great revolution, the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the Anti Japanese War and the liberation war.

Through this activity, all party members received a revolutionary traditional education at close range, their hearts were once again shocked, their original intentions were once again sublimated, and their beliefs were once again strengthened. While feeling Liu Ying's revolutionary spirit, party members further strengthened their ideals and beliefs, raised their awareness of party spirit, and constantly enhanced their sense of responsibility and mission; the vanguard and exemplary consciousness of party members was also further strengthened.