Peak by the Shanghai listed companies "gold quality" award

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    12Month13Day, sponsored by the Shanghai Securities News"2019The "High Quality Development Forum of Listed Companies" and the "Golden Quality" Award Ceremony was held on the trading floor of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Jianfeng Group was awarded the "Golden Quality" Sustainable Growth Award for listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange at this ceremony. It is the only listed company in Jinhua that has won this award.

Listed companies are the backbone of China's economy, and the quality of listed companies is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of the capital market. In the process of building a modern economic system and achieving high-quality development, listed companies should give full play to the "head goose" effect. To adhere to high-quality development, we should constantly improve the "hard technology" of listed companies, constantly strengthen the "hard governance" of listed companies, and constantly enhance the "hard skills" of high-quality development ". Taking this as a starting point, this forum takes "Innovating Chinese Values and Building Chinese Power" as the theme, and the "Golden Quality" award selection has three categories and ten awards: "Company Award", "Entrepreneur Award" and "Secretary of the Board Award". By focusing on listed companies with complete corporate governance, good growth, and scientific innovation and social influence, we will gather company leaders with extraordinary foresight and outstanding talents in the industry, gather outstanding directors who can continue to create value for the company, shareholders and investors, and jointly promote the high-quality development of enterprises and consolidate the "ballast stone" of comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market ". The "Golden Quality" Sustainable Growth Award obtained by the company is an analysis of the performance of listed companies in recent years through profitability, financial status, industry position, market share, etc., and growth is an important indicator to measure the company's development prospects.

As a 1993The first listed company in China's cement industry, which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in, and the earliest existing listed company in Zhejiang Province, has maintained a good momentum of development for many years. In recent years, adhering to the strategic policy of "cooperating and innovating to strengthen the main business, standardizing science and seeking development", the company has continuously strengthened the cyclical complementary dual main business structure of cement and medicine, supplemented by health and trade logistics. The cement industry has gone out of Zhejiang, in Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces along the "Belt and Road",60After years of deep cultivation in the management and technical advantages of the cement industry, combined with local raw materials and market resources, the transformation and upgrading have been effectively realized; the pharmaceutical industry has built a new drug research and development platform with the strength of academician expert workstation, postdoctoral workstation, provincial drug research and development center and well-known universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, and built the whole industrial chain of intermediates, raw materials and preparations. In recent years, under the turbulent economic environment at home and abroad, the company has been closely following the steady development of its main business, and its operating performance has continuously set new records.2016-2018In 2012, the company's compound growth rate reached43.88%, reflecting full development resilience, strong growth momentum; peak stocks also in the securities market's large cyclical fluctuations through the "bull" "bear", cumulative cash dividends7.3Billions of dollars, giving investors a good return on performance. Therefore, in this selection, the company stood out from many listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the "Golden Quality" Sustainable Growth Award.30one of the listed companies.