Work meal upgrade in progress

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From 12Month16From the beginning of the day, the staff canteen of the group headquarters changed quietly: the original stainless steel plates and bowls were all replaced with thick and insulated plastic steel tableware; Each meal is divided one by one by the staff, and the staff can take it themselves. The catering not only adds dishes, but also matches soup, fruit or yogurt. At the same time, the standard of food subsidy for employees has also been raised accordingly. Under normal circumstances, employees no longer need to recharge their meal cards.

   11In the middle of the month, according to the phased work arrangement of the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind the mission", the members of the group's party Committee went to various enterprises separately to conduct research on issues of concern to employees. In the survey, many employees put forward suggestions for the improvement of working meals. As determined by the Group's research, from 12From the beginning of the month, the standard of food in the staff canteen will be raised. Following the canteen of the group headquarters, the working meal standards of the staff canteens of subordinate enterprises, including overseas enterprises, will also be appropriately raised according to their actual conditions.

Work meal "upgrade", in the peak building office staff is very welcome. Some employees told reporters that compared with the past, the new way of taking meals is more convenient and hygienic, the food structure is more reasonable, and the dining order has also improved. The relevant person in charge of the group office said that to improve the working meal standard, on the one hand, is to improve the corresponding welfare for the employees, on the other hand, it is also the need of the company's standardized and standardized management. According to the operation of the new mode, the group office will also formulate and improve the canteen management system, adjust the catering structure and enrich the types of dishes according to the seasonal changes, Better provide healthy, safe and nutritious working meals for employees.