Packaging Machine Replacement in Preparation Workshop

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11At the end of the month, the linkage packaging machine in the preparation workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory was successfully debugged. Both sodium hyaluronate eye drops and ofloxacin ear drops can complete the packaging task through the linkage packaging machine.

According to Wang Xiizhong, director of the preparation workshop, the preparation workshop has been following the traditional manual packaging before, and it takes an average of 36.17 to produce a batch of sodium hyaluronate eye drops from filling, lamp inspection, labeling, packaging, code scanning and other processes.People, now switch to machine packaging only need25.84People; prior to the production of a batch of ofloxacin ear drops on average25.45People, now switch to machine packaging only need15People. Machine packaging replaces manual packaging, which greatly saves labor resources and improves work efficiency.