Pharmaceutical company fire safety knowledge training

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       In order to meet the upcoming national No.28Session119Fire Day activities, conscientiously implement the safety work policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", reduce and prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents, and further improve the fire safety knowledge of employees,10Month25On the morning of the 15th, Jinhua pharmaceutical company organized a fire safety knowledge training.

This training specially invited Luo Wentian, a teacher of Jinhua Anju Fire Prevention Education and training Center, to give a lecture. Through a number of fire cases that have occurred around him in recent years, Luo told about the harm and consequences of the fire, and carefully explained the personnel and property losses caused by various fire accidents caused by electrical equipment and natural gas. Teacher Luo focused on how to investigate fire hazards, how to put out initial fires, how to properly evacuate and escape, and the correct use of fire fighting equipment such as dry powder fire extinguishers, water-based fire extinguishers, escape ropes, gas masks, and multi-purpose self-rescue flashlights.

Members of the safety committee of the pharmaceutical company, personnel above the deputy level of various departments, warehouse directors, volunteer fire chiefs, volunteer firefighters, emergency rescue plan staff, warehouse employees and some department personnel participated in the training.