Pharmaceutical company holds drug knowledge contest

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Peak Pharmaceutical Company held a quality month drug knowledge contest.

This competition is closely around"Quality Monthactivity theme, fromRigorous decision quality, quality development, strength cast brandThere are three aspects of topic selection, including written examination, compulsory answer and rush answer. The ranking is determined according to the scores of each team's competition results. from the central laboratory,QAThe composition of the staff in each workshop of the development department and the peak pharmaceutical factory.8Group to participate in the competition, each group3People.

In the competition, each participating team member was full of energy and high morale, especially in the part of answering questions, the atmosphere of the game reached a climax, and the participating team members made every effort to seize the right to answer questions. The applause and cheers at the scene rose one after another, one wave after another. After three links of fierce competition, the final QCThe group won the first prize with excellent performance, and the solid preparation workshop group won the second prize,QAGroup and preparation group won the third prize.

At the scene of the competition, pharmaceutical companies also interspersed"Find fault with everyoneIn the audience interaction link, the situation that is easy to be ignored in the production post is recorded into a small video, and the problems are found and answered on the spot, thus enhancing the employees' practical application ability of theoretical knowledge.

This activity further deepened the staff's understanding of quality knowledge, effectively enhanced the staff's learning awareness of product quality, work quality and service quality, and created a good atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality, everyone pays attention to quality, and everyone pays attention to quality.