Pharmaceutical Sales Company Deploys 2020 Work

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1Month6Day, peak pharmaceutical sales company held.2019Annual working meeting, summary2019Year work gain and loss, deployment2020years of work.

The theme of this conference is"Adapt to the reform and build the system, ensure the sales volume and grasp the terminal, build a strong brand team, and take on the responsibility of grasping the management.. Zhou Wenyi, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Sales CompanyHealth Insurance Bureau led the medical reform, the three medical linkage smooth.As the opening of the meeting, respectively, from medicine, medical and health insurance.2019The annual policy is reviewed, and the overall situation of pharmaceutical sales is summarized from the aspects of operation, main work development, existing problems, etc., and the improvement of the system, price system, market support, e-commerce, personnel management, etc.2020The work of the year is arranged.

Subsequently, the key account manager, terminal sales and commission department held a summary meeting in three venues to summarize the work of the previous year and exchange the work plan for the new year. Among them, the commission plate, sales company deputy general manager Zhang Jinhui from the online platform sales management, commercial control, terminal control of the type of sales, profit model, sodium hyaluronate eye drops and other major product work direction in detail, the 2020The overall scheme of the annual commission system was introduced and read out.2020Annual Commission Department sales target decomposition program and assessment criteria. The key account manager and the terminal sales section also summarized the business completion and existing problems of the previous year, respectively, on team building, marketing promotion, marketing innovation, etc.2020The main work direction of the year has been arranged.

Jiang Xiaomeng, chairman of the group company and chairman of the pharmaceutical company, and Huang Jinlong, deputy general manager of the group company and general manager of the pharmaceutical company, attended the meeting and put forward requirements for sales work. Huang Jinlong analyzed the current situation from many aspects. He hoped that the sales staff would unswervingly support the commission system and control sales mode, stabilize large customers, smoothly transition small customers to commission mode, and ensure product quality. Improve internal management, standardize operation, and truly grow together with enterprises. Jiang Xiaomeng commented on the sales work and asked the pharmaceutical sales company to maintain the resources of major customers. Do a good job in the increment of original products and the quantity of new products; Increase the share of regional hospitals; Sales staff have confidence in the company's products and their own abilities, and constantly improve their business ability and personal accomplishment to adapt to market changes. Sales management personnel should do a good job in service and control to improve profitability.

Prior to this, the pharmaceutical sales company also selected the annual advanced collectives and individuals based on the completion of the responsibility system, and commended them at the meeting.