Spike Pharmaceuticals fully resumed work and production.

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    With the end of the Spring Festival holiday approaching, how to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time to do a good job of enterprises to resume work and production, is an urgent need for enterprises to solve the problem. spikeThe pharmaceutical industry isWith the support and help of the government management department where the enterprise is located, the relevant person in charge has visited the enterprise site many times to investigate and understand the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control and preparations for the resumption of work.

As the main body of the resumption of work, as early as during the Spring Festival holiday, after the national, provincial and municipal regulations and requirements for the resumption of work, Peak PharmaceuticalsWe will start to make relevant preparations. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, we will make a thorough investigation of the employees' holiday whereabouts and contacts, investigate the hidden dangers of the epidemic, and organize employees to seriously study the epidemic prevention knowledge in the WeChat public number of "Chuanghui College", matters needing attention during epidemic prevention and control and other training materials for resumption of work, so as to make preparations for production and epidemic prevention after resumption of work.Further comprehensive arrangements for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work.

On February 7, the Group held a special conference call to arrange for the resumption of work to make arrangements for production and epidemic prevention after the resumption of work. In accordance with the territorial government's requirements for resumption of work, each enterprise prepares relevant information and applies for resumption of work. Due to the full preparation, to achieve the measures in place, personnel in place, responsibility in place, the resumption of work required epidemic prevention supplies in place, Jianfeng Group headquarters by the Wucheng District Party Committee and government included in the first batch of 47 resumption of work enterprises list, the peak pharmaceutical industry was listed as the first approval of the development zone enterprises.Pharmaceutical companies inFebruary 10Officially resumed work, General Manager Huang Jinlong went to various subordinate enterprises in Jinhua to carefully understand the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures and the resumption of work.

    Every day, the body temperature of all employees to and from work, the work area personnel into the management and information registration, employee health dynamic information daily, regular distribution of protective equipment, public areas twice a day of comprehensive disinfection ...... become the "compulsory course" of the enterprise management department ".Spike Pharmaceuticals resumed work and production to ensure product supply.