"Sky-priced Drugs" Dropped to "Floor Price" Medical Environment Breeze Xu Lai

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Let the common people cut practical and good medicine, can afford this good medicine, purify the ecological environment of the entire pharmaceutical industry, such as using quantity procurement to eradicate sales with gold, through medical insurance prepayment, hospital balance incentives, can create a new relatively healthy benefit mechanism.
New version of the National Health Insurance Catalogue launchedReduce the burden of medical expenses for the people
Ji'nan citizen Qi Qingju suffers from peritoneal cancer and requires long-term treatment with Ola Parib. Ola Palli's previous market price was a box of 24790 yuan, which required two boxes per month at a cost of nearly 50,000 yuan. This is difficult for a working family to afford. Starting from January 1 this year, the new version of the national health insurance catalogue was officially launched, including olapali, 97DrugsAfter negotiation into the new version of the health insurance drug catalog. Not only has the price been reduced, but it can also be included in the medical insurance reimbursement. This brings hope to Qi Qingju's family. Qi Qingju said that she is looking forward to this day.
Qi Qingju's daughter calculated an account for the reporter, the medicine money for the treatment was reduced, and the burden on the family was reduced a lot. Qi Qingju's daughter said: "(after the price reduction) more than 9,400 a box, so a month after the reimbursement of two boxes of medicine, individuals only need to bear (per month) less than 3,800 yuan. In this way, our family's money to buy medicine is certainly no problem, and the quality of life above will certainly improve."
The official launch of the new version of the National Medical Insurance Drug Catalog has allowed patients to truly enjoy some of the benefits of "sky-high drug prices. At 0: 00 on January 1, major hospitals in Beijing successively completed the upgrading and updating of hospital information systems. A total of 2643 drugs through routine access and 97 drugs entered through health insurance negotiations were included in the health insurance list, and the burden on patients was greatly reduced. Fu Jinglin, a citizen who took the medicine in a hospital in Beijing, said happily: "It used to be 5700 yuan, but now it has entered medical insurance. We can use this medicine for a few hundred yuan."
Zhang Tongyan, director of the Medical Insurance Office of Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, told reporters that the biggest adjustment in the medical insurance drug catalog this time is a significant drop. "The price drop is about 60%."
"Skyrocketing Drugs" Dropped to "Floor Price"A variety of drug prices fell significantly
According to estimates, in the new version of the Health Insurance Catalog, the average reduction in the price of drugs negotiated into health insurance is 60.7 per cent, and some imported drugs have even been given the lowest price in the world. For example, the drugs included in the medical insurance catalogue for the treatment of hepatitis C are good drugs in the world. As long as one pill is taken every day for 12 weeks, the cure rate of hepatitis C virus will reach more than 98%. In the new list of 70 drugs, three drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C were included in the new version of the national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug list for the first time, with an average price reduction of more than 85%, covering all genotype patients. National Medical Security BureauMedicineXiong Xianjun, director of the Service Management Department, said: "it also needs to be linked up with the existing reimbursement policies. Some may be included in general outpatient clinics, some may be included in outpatient chronic diseases, and some may be paid according to the type of disease, which is different from place to place."
Previously, the high drug price deterred many patients. Just after the new catalogue was released, Kunming Third People's Hospital began to implement the new price of hepatitis C drugs. The original price of Bingtongsha, a drug for treating all patients with hepatitis C genotype, was reduced from 70,000 to 13,000 yuan. In less than ten days, the drugs for hepatitis C in the hospital were almost sold out. Li Junyi, chief physician of Kunming Third People's Hospital, said: "Because of this cost problem, many patients did not see a doctor in time. A course of treatment will cost at least 70,000 yuan, which is a great financial burden for patients."
The enthusiasm of pharmaceutical enterprises is not reducedMedical Environment Breeze Xu Lai
The price of the medicine was lowered, and the people breathed a sigh of relief. But what do drug companies think? Will low drug prices hitEnterpriseWhat about the enthusiasm of R & D and production? Guo Jia, chairman of Xi'an Dongsheng Group Co. "Powerful inHospitalThe promotion model may have come to an end. I think these traditional generic drug companies may face a very cruel encounter in the future, that is, if they cannot participateTenderIf there is no final bid, it may soon be eliminated by the market."
The reporter combed and found that even if the price of drugs is greatly reduced, some products have achieved different degrees of volume after entering the medical insurance. For example, for products in the fields of tumor, the volume effect is more considerable. Some drugs even reach 180 times in the second year after entering the medical insurance. Zhong Dongbo, director of the Medical Price and Bidding and Procurement Department of the National Health Insurance Administration, said, "After this reform, the transaction costs of enterprises have been reduced, and enterprises do not have to sell with gold, so enterprises can pay back in time."
Ye Yin, chief analyst of the pharmaceutical industry of Ping An Securities Research Institute, also believes that trading volume for price is also a rational choice for enterprises. Ye Yin said: "After entering health insurance by volume for price, its sales must be guaranteed, and many of them have been on the market for a very long time, so they will also face competition from similar varieties, or be impacted by biological analogs and generic drugs. So for these companies, it is also a more rational choice for them to cut prices into health insurance to quickly seize the Chinese market."
On January 17, the second batch of drug procurement will be launched. This time, the volume purchase involves 33 varieties and hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, of which drugs for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are expected to be significantly reduced. It is expected that patients across the country will use the second batch of selected drugs purchased centrally by the state in April this year. Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Security Administration, said that large-volume purchases allow people to use good medicine and create a healthy medical environment. "It can enable the common people to take practical and good medicine, can afford this good medicine, and purify the ecological environment of the entire pharmaceutical industry. For example, we can use quantity procurement to eradicate sales with gold. Through medical insurance prepayment and hospital balance incentives, we can create a new and healthier benefit mechanism."