The company takes stock of the work in the third quarter and puts forward the work requirements for the fourth quarter.

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Peak Pharmaceuticals: Adjust ideas, precise positioning, to achieve a breakthrough

    Since the beginning of this year, pharmaceutical companies have improved compared with previous years in terms of production management, technological research, and marketing expansion. The sales of independent products and the operating profits of the parent company have increased significantly. With the continuous advancement of the medical system reform, new changes and new situations have appeared in the pharmaceutical industry and the market, and the pressure on the production and operation of enterprises has continued to increase, which has also exposed some shortcomings of the enterprise itself. Therefore, the meeting requires that pharmaceutical companies should adjust their management ideas in time according to the changes of the current industry situation, accurately position the management of subordinate enterprises, and strive to improve the R & D ability, bid winning ability and brand influence, so as to realize the overall improvement and development breakthrough of enterprise management.

    The meeting required that pharmaceutical companies should fully understand the industry development trend brought about by the reform of the medical system, and make corresponding changes in team management ability, thinking mode and management means according to the current situation of enterprises, so as to correctly cope with the new industry environment and market environment; pharmaceutical business should establish a replicable and standardized management mechanism as soon as possible, and speed up the distribution of retail pharmacies, timely consideration should be given to the coordinated development and management integration of wholesale allocation and retail. The management orientation of new enterprises such as North Carolina and Zhongwang should be clear, and the management objectives should be clear about the schedule, time node and responsibility assessment. While effectively improving the management level, attention should also be paid to the indoctrination and cultivation of peak enterprise culture. Internationalized projects should design a good development path, follow up follow-up products and follow-up projects, find breakthroughs and go out boldly; pay more attention to product research and development and consistency evaluation, increase internal assessment and incentives, strengthen responsibilities, and improve employee enthusiasm; strengthen basic marketing work, strengthen assessment and incentives, and achieve marketing breakthroughs; do a good job in safety, environmental protection and quality management for enterprises Production and operation provide reliable guarantee.