Pharmaceutical salespeople also take "online classes!

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During the epidemic prevention and control period, schools were unable to open normally, and staff business training was difficult to carry out normally,3Month10On the afternoon of the day, the peak pharmaceutical sales company with the help of the webcast platform, to the sales staff.Online School.

Affected by the epidemic, most medical conferences in the first half of this year"Stop, related academic promotion will be seriously affected; the implementation of the national drug collection, a large number of mature varieties do not need to do academic, how to carry out drug promotion and quantity has become a big problem for marketing personnel.……In response to these issues,3Month10On the 1st, the marketing department of peak pharmaceutical sales company cooperated with cypress blue to organize all terminal managers and salesmen to use the DingTalk platform to carry out online "thinking like a dean."TMLive training. The training was invited to a well-known lecturer in China, Mr. Zuo Hua, then Executive Director of the Cyberblue Hospital Management Research Center, from the new crown epidemic and the demand for non-clinical services after the collection,DRGsThe four sharp weapon of non-clinical service under the payment reform, the doctor's non-clinical service demand under the postponement of academic conference, the hospital marketing of centralized purchasing products need non-clinical service, the compliance visit of administrative departments and the exclusive non-clinical service to give the marketing personnel one by one in-depth and simple answers.

This training is the first time that the sales company has carried out the form of online live broadcast. It has done a good job in internal skills training for the sales staff in a special period, and has extended a new work idea for the future work. The marketing department will also continue to organize training on marketing skills for many times, keep pace with the times, make common progress with the sales team, continuously improve the sales level of business personnel, and strive to build a strong army on the sales battlefield.