Lead the team to do the right thing.

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The role of management is to lead the team, do the right thing, do the right thing, improve efficiency and create benefits. 2019Under the correct leadership of the company in, I mainly assisted the factory director in the following aspects:

1. do a good job in the beginning of the year Jinxi plant and Qiubin plant two plant organization merger smooth transition.The division of relevant post functions after the merger was completed, so that the merged pharmaceutical factory team carried out various tasks quickly and orderly, and better completed various management objectives for the whole year.

2. at the same time more in-depth promotion of the "three drop three improve" work.Breakthroughs have been made in tackling key technological problems of some products, and the product quality and yield have been improved. Use automatic packaging lines instead of manual packaging to improve labor efficiency; Encourage relevant personnel to independently carry out energy-saving and consumption-reducing transformation; Adjust the production organization mode and adopt phased centralized production mode, which not only reduces the opportunity of cross-contamination between products but also reduces the operating cost of public systems.

3. active communication, strengthen production and marketing convergence.Pay close attention to inventory changes, rationally formulate production plans, and try to coordinate the conflict between normal commercial production and new drug research and development and scale-up production, basically ensuring that product inventory meets sales needs.

4. to create a safe and environmentally friendly accident-free plant as a management goal.On the basis of strengthening investment in safety and environmental protection, clarifying responsibilities at all levels, carrying out safety risk identification and evaluation of all employees, and implementing various control measures, 2019Zero accidents in safety and environmental protection were achieved throughout the year.

As a manager, I am in awe of my work, dare not slack off, and always set an example. However, I know that compared with other advanced managers, there are still many shortcomings in personal work. I will continue to cultivate and improve myself and strive to make more contributions to the enterprise.

2020The task of the year will be more arduous and full of new challenges. I will continue to work hard, optimize ideas, further improve relevant systems, implement various control measures, effectively control risks, implement safe production, cost control, and standardized management, and strive to achieve better results. (According to Zhang Baoping's speech at the summary and commendation meeting of the group company)