Jinhua Development Zone Leaders with Peak Pharmaceutical Factory Inspection Guidance

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4Month1On the afternoon of the day, Zhu Huafeng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, led the heads of relevant departments and his party to the Jinxi plant of the peak pharmaceutical factory to carry out safety and environmental protection inspection, and to understand the resumption of production of enterprises.

Zheng Kunwu, director of the pharmaceutical factory, accompanied the inspection team to the raw material workshop, dangerous goods tank farm, sewage treatment station and other sites for on-the-spot inspection, and reported to the inspection team in detail the safety and environmental protection work of the pharmaceutical factory and the resumption of production. The inspection team affirmed the working principle of the pharmaceutical factory to promote production with safety and environmental protection, and at the same time required the company to unswervingly do a good job in safety and environmental protection, continuously improve the construction of the safety and environmental protection management system, and strengthen the implementation of the safety and environmental protection system.