Organization of staff training in preparation workshop

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4Month3day,7On the 15th, the preparation workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory organized all employees to carry out training on the construction of a safety double prevention system and the process procedures of various products and the public standard operating procedures of the production workshop.

Sheng Junyong, safety officer of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory, elaborated the connotation of the construction of safety dual prevention system from the aspects of safety risk classification control and accident hidden danger investigation and management. He emphasized that all safety accidents can be prevented, and the purpose of building a dual prevention mechanism is to implement every detail of safety work. Sheng Junyong studied 2019 with the employees.The "the People's Republic of China Fire Protection Law" promulgated in, and informed everyone of the fire and explosion accidents that occurred in some chemical enterprises in recent years, and emphasized the need to strengthen fire safety management and supervision.

During the on-the-job training of employees, Wang Junyang, a craftsman in the preparation workshop, learned the technological procedures of sodium hyaluronate eye drops, ofloxacin ear drops, olopatadine hydrochloride eye drops and artificial bezoar. He focused on the importance of hygiene in clean areas of various products, the grasp of intermediate control points and the new requirements for the change of disinfectant, aiming to ensure the quality of products together with employees. Wang Xiizhong, director of the preparation workshop, introduced in detail the washing and dressing of clean work clothes, the cleaning of fly killing lamps, the cleaning of clean areas, the preparation of disinfectant, and the entry and exit of personnel C/D.Standard operating procedures for changing clothes in the clean area, materials entering the clean area and materials returning to the warehouse. The employees listened carefully and discussed some questions about their work.