Intern at Spike Pharma

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5 last year.In January, two female interns came to the packaging room of the preparation workshop of Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory. They smiled and helped the workers. But one day I found that they were a little different from the usual, not very energetic. I took the time to talk with them for a while. It turned out that their probation was about to end. I felt a little lost and reluctant to part with them.

One of the girls, Xiao Wu, was more talkative. She said that they were students majoring in pharmaceutical technology in the Golden Vocational College. They went to Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory for a month and received safety training at the headquarters. This gave them a better understanding of Jianfeng's development and entrepreneurial history. At the end of the training, Xiao Wu and several other students were arranged to study in Jinxi factory."Jinxi's factory area is very large and its management is also very standardized. There are three dressing rooms alone, one for women's first, one for buffer and one for women's second. There are also many hand washing and disinfection procedures,SOPEverything is written very carefully. The factory has very strict requirements on product quality. The position I was assigned was to pick up some drugs that were not packaged properly in front of the machine packaging machine. Products with quality problems cannot leave the factory.Xiao Wu has fresh memories of his work.

After studying in Jinxi factory for half a month, Xiao Wu and another girl were transferred to the preparation workshop of Qiubin factory."As soon as I arrived at the workshop, I saw an aunt mopping the floor. The whole workshop was spotless and my house was not so clean. The staff in the clean area are wearing clean clothes, masks, gloves, clean requirements are very strict.Xiao Wu said this was her first impression of the preparation workshop. She learned a lot of things here that she couldn't learn in class, and felt a special sense of accomplishment. More than a month's internship also made Xiao Wu know more about the peak. She said that she hoped to be able to work at the peak after graduation, but she would continue to study for a junior college and then apply for a job at the peak after graduation. She would do her best to work at the peak and contribute to the development of the peak.

After chatting with Xiao Wu, I marveled at her confidence and persistence. If every trainee can love and support spikes like Xiao Wu, then our spike career will surely flourish, by going up one storey.